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Group Avatar:__By Jeroen, Shadow fencing (2)___ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gates and Fences from all over the world. They are so interesting, old, new, modern, classic, decorated, plain and simple, made of wood, iron, plastics and more.

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Not so many:

  1. Try to stay on topic with your pictures. From now on (03-29-2013) the maximum upload is 3 (three) pictures per day.

  2. Not a must but please add some information underneath you picture about your Gate or Fence. This makes the picture much more interesting.

  3. The moderators have the right to remove pictures of which they think that do not belong here. If you place too many off topic pictures you can and will be removed from this group. The same goes for people who upload more than 3 (three) pictures per day.

  4. Try to be creative and do not upload the same type of Gate or Fence at different places.

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