Dune 45, late afternoon (Sossusvlei)

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荒漠的世界 - The desert has a unique wild beauty and each desert has its suggestive aura of mystery . Sand as far as the eye can reach, high dry mountain ranges and the contrasts between tradition and modernity account for the fascination of the desert landscapes. This is a group for the true desert lovers. -- ****IMPORTANT MAX 5 PHOTOS PER DAY** **

Group rules and description


Images of a vast expanse, Intense sun with no place to hide.... Incredible heat....with no shadow for miles....no water, just sand and stones and lonely mountains fading in the mirages. The desert often invokes images of a timeless space of beauty. You can see granite or marble mountains getting out of stone and sand desert, partially covered by sand. - - - -

Many come to the desert to confront with a higher power or the forces of nature others others for a soul-searching spiritual quest. The shapes are modelled by the forces of erosion, intense cold and boiling heat, wind and water, sudden thunderstorms and flash floods. All of a sudden there is a wind full of dust and sand. - - - - -

In between all of that you can suddenly discover oasis, places full of green and water, small villages and people living in this harsh and dry land. In these places where life clings and thrives, sometimes for only days, other times for centuries, the most surprising is to see wild animal in the desert or to feel their presence.

That’s desert.-------------------------------- -----------IMPORTANT -READ THE GROUP RULES TO AVOID THAT YOUR PICTURES ARE DELETED-THANK YOU*

GROUP RULES:------------ Ideally we would like to maintain the highest possible standard for the enjoyment of the visitors to our gallery. There are groups that try to make themself "popular" by adding large quantities of pictures to the gallery. We are convinced this is not the right way and that it will work against them in the long run and therefore we would like this group to focus on Quality. I will leave to the common sense of each of you the choice you will make when adding your photos. So let consider some basic rules: ----- A) Only photos of good quality will be accepted. For example photos with low resolution will not be accepted. - Also we feel that the 'abstract' component is not acceptable when prevailing on the reality. - The aim of the group is to present the desert as it is without alterations. - There is no limit to the number of photos that each member can load providing that the pictures are not too similar to each other. Pictures that too similar to each other from the same member will be deleted. - **IMPORTANT To enhance the variety From today 30 August 2011 please load only a maximum of 5 photos in each session and wait for the next member to load his pictures before loading some more of yours

B) No buildings except ancient heritage places, isolated houses, farms, tends or places in ruins such as abandoned towns, villages, mines, petrol stations, ghost towns, oil platforms etc, etc. - Oasis are also very welcomed

C) It is ok to publish pictures of trails or roads crossing the desert providing that you can see the desert landscape around

D) No photos with more than three cars - Exceptions will be considered for very beautiful photo or events such as desert races like the Paris-Dakar for example.

E) Photos with local people and culture and with traditional ethic clothes and animals, are highly welcomed-

F) The gallery will be reviewed once monthly by the moderator/s

G) Semi-desertic areas areas are also welcomed both hot and cold semi-arid climate landscapes. - - - THE GROUP AVATAR PICTURE WILL BE SELECTED FROM ONE OF OUR GROUP MEMBERS RANDOMLY AMONG THE NICEST PHOTOS EVERY 14 DAYS CIRCA.

At the bottom of this section you will find a list of all the desertic areas of the five continents that are welcomed.

AFRICA---- 1. Algerian Desert – part of the Sahara located in Algeria 2. Arabian Desert – a desert stretching from Eastern Egypt to Iraq 3. Blue Desert – a desert in Egypt 4. Kalahari Desert – covering much of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa 5. Karoo – a semi-desert region in South Africa 6. Libyan Desert – part of the Sahara located in Libya 7. Namib Desert – a desert in present day Namibia 8. Nubian Desert – a desert in present day Sudan 9. Owami Desert – a desert in Nigeria 10. Sahara Desert – the world's largest hot desert 11. Sinai Desert – a desert located on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt 12. White Desert – a desert in Egypt


  1. Akshi Desert - a desert in India
  2. Badain Jaran - a desert located in China
  3. Betpak-Dala - a desert located in Kazakhstan
  4. Cholistan - a desert in India and Pakistan
  5. Dasht-e Kavir - a desert in central Iran
  6. Dasht-e Lut - a large salt desert in southeastern Iran
  7. Gobi - a desert in Mongolia and China
  8. Indus Valley Desert - a desert located in Pakistan
  9. Kara Kum - a large Central Asian desert
  10. Kharan desert - a desert located in Pakistan
  11. Kyzyl Kum - a desert in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
  12. La Paz Sand Dunes - a desert in northern Philippines
  13. Lop Desert - a desert in China
  14. Ordos - a desert in northern China
  15. Rub' al Khali - a desert located in Saudi Arabia
  16. Taklamakan - a desert located in China
  17. Thal Desert - a desert in Punjab of Pakistan
  18. Thar Desert - a desert in Pakistan and India

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND----- 1. Central Desert - a central Australian desert 2. Gibson Desert – a central Australian desert 3. Great Sandy Desert – a northwestern Australian desert 4. Great Victoria Desert 5. Little Sandy Desert – a western Australian desert 6. Rangipo Desert – a barren desert-like plateau (with 1.5-2.5 m/yr rainfall) on the North Island Volcanic Plateau in New Zealand 7. Simpson Desert – a central Australian desert 8. Strzelecki Desert – a south-central Australian desert 9. Tanami Desert – a northern Australian desert

MIDDLE EAST------- 1. Arabian Desert – a vast desert complex on the Arabian Peninsula comprising the Al-Dahna Desert, Empty Quarter, Nefud Desert and other deserts 2. Dasht-e Kavir – a desert in central Iran 3. Dasht-e Lut – a large salt desert in southeastern Iran 4. Judean Desert – a desert in eastern Israel and in the West Bank 5. Maranjab Desert – a desert in central Iran 6. Negev – a desert located in southern Israel 7. Ramlat al-Sab`atayn- a sand desert in central & northeastern Yemen, part of the Empty Quarter 8. Wahiba Sands – a desert in Oman

NORTH AMERICA-------- List of North American deserts 1. Central Valley of California (which is divided into the Sacramento Valley in the north, and the San Joaquin Valley in the south). This area has largely been transformed, due to irrigation canals, to an agricultural area. It is technically a semi-arid climate. 2. Chihuahuan Desert 3. Colorado Desert 4. Mojave Desert 5. Sonoran Desert

SOUTH AMERICA--------- 1. Atacama – a desert in Chile and Peru, the driest place on Earth 2. La Guajira Desert – a desert in northern Colombia 3. Monte Desert – in Argentina, a smaller desert above the Patagonian 4. Patagonian Desert – the largest desert by americans, located in Argentina and Chile 5. Sechura Desert –

EUROPE--------- 1. Accona Desert - a semi-desert in Central Italy 2. Bardenas Reales - a semi-desert in Navarra, Spain (455 km²) 3. Błędowska Desert – a desert located in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland (32 km²) 4. Deliblatska Peščara - a desert located in Vojvodina, Serbia (300 km²) 5. Highlands of Iceland – the interior plateau of Iceland; not a desert by climate, but effectively one because precipitation penetrates the volcanic soil so quickly that it is unavailable to plants 6. Monegros Desert - a semi-desert in Aragón, Spain 7. Oleshky Sands - a desert located in Ukraine near Askania-Nova biosphere reserve (15 km in diameter) 8. Oltenian Sahara – a desert spanning approximately 80.000 hectares or 800 km² in the Romanian historical province of Oltenia 9. Piscinas - a desert located in South-West Sardinia, Italy (5 km²) 10. Stranja Sahara - a desert in southeastern Bulgaria near the city of Burgas. It is about 80,000 hectares, sometimes estimated to about 850 sq km. It is near the borders of Turkey and northwestern Greece. 11. Tabernas Desert – a desert in Almería, Spain (280 km²)

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