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New High Quality Photos group Logo (Designed by Ali Shaib)

About this group

HQP sign is the brand of Quality !

Group rules and description

HQP group collects High Quality Photos , which are Eligible to be branded HQP in Panoramio.

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Please ONLY share your high quality Photos.

Please limit your photo sharing in HQP to maximum 10 photos in 24 hours. Do not rush. Select your best quality photos to be shared and tagged by HQP sign gradually. Please do not upload portraits of people or duplicate photo's or of alike (SIMULAR) photo's, or photo's with date stamps.!!!!!

Which Photo is HQP?

Composition, colors, contrast, framing and choosing the subject wisely are basic measures to qualify candidate photos. HQP is collection of best quality photos from corners of the world, not limited to any race, country or community. Its belonged to the global village that all we live in. Cheers and Good luck. If you are doubtful about your jobs, ask administrators (moderators) to help you. Low quality photos will be removed and if again placed, we regret to remove member from the list.

For each geographical region, we have expert moderator who manage members and review their HQ tagged photos perfectly.


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Our Group :

  • HQP Originator : (Mehrdad - Iran - Canada)

  • East Europe : (Oleg - Russia)

  • Latin America : (Lana - Brasil)

  • East Asia and Australia: (Trigana - Indonesia)

  • Persian World : (Mahak - Iran)

  • West Europe: (Moni - Germany)

  • North Amercia : (Kalin - USA)

  • Arab World and Africa : (Yasser - Egypt)

  • Technical Support : (Ali - Lebonan)

  • General Moderator I : (Wiggles - Australia)

  • General Moderator II : (Greg - Canada)

  • General Moderator III : (Dave - Canada)

  • General Moderator IV : (Bill - UK)

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Group moderators