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This group will gather photographs of roadside memorials from anywhere in Delaware. Also accepted would be photographs of sites where memorials were located but are no more and any description, narrative, or other information about the vanquished memorial.

Group rules and description

Please only submit photographs of the memorial objects, sites, and elements of landscape found in the state of Delaware, US. Include enough contextual features—road and landscape—to pass the scrutiny of the reviewers who select images for Google Earth.
Why roadside memorials? Fragile, ephemeral, poignant, and haunting, roadside memorials steep a particular public place in the recollections of a life and a death. They can be anonymous, wordless, barely perceptible; they can also be bold, clear, and rich in narrative detail: names, dates, commemorative words. Some proffer legible icons—crucifixes, fresh and/or artificial flowers, toys, clothing, angels, and photographs—others more oblique ones: small stones, sculptural objects, solar powered lights. Roadside memorials mark a public space with the memory of an event; they seek to bind this space to the event and thus to a life and a death. They say, "someone died here in this place, on a particular day, and we remember them." The memorials keep and hold this place and day and death, only for so long as survivors tend them. And documenting these memorials hopes to preserve them. For just a bit longer.
Why Delaware? That's where Jeanne C. Finley + John Muse have created a project for Imperfect City, an exhibition at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art. So, we want to be local, in and out of the city; we want to honor vernacular arts as they merge with significant sites.
Furthermore, according to The Delaware Department of Transportation roadside memorials are forbidden:

  1. DelDOT must remove any sign posted in the Clear Zone (in medians and approx. 10' from the edge of the pavement), including those attached to utility poles anywhere along the roadway.
  2. Any sign in the State's Rights-of-Way that is not in the Clear Zone will also be removed.

But there are still plenty of roadside memorials in the state. Best then to document them. Quickly. Before they're removed or fade.

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