Greek ship - Kish Island - Hormozgan کشتی یونانی - جزیره کیش - هرمزگان

About this group

All types of wreckage, complete or partial, Any location, Ships in peril, Trauma at sea, Rescues of crews, Lifeboat action, Coastguard activity, Salvage vessels, Helicopter rescues, Tugboat rescues,

Group rules and description

Many of you have captured the dramatic results of ship wrecks and clearly, there is a huge interest in the events which took place leading to the sometimes tragic loss!

Known information leading to the loss or recovery of ships and victims is also most important. and would be good for discussions.

The objective of this group is to create an illustrated record of shipwrecks, or of tragic loss, or saving of lives and ships, and rescue service activity, but please avoid posting traumatic images if the persons can be identified.

There is no limit to the number of photos you can post but please ensure that they are relevant and of good quality.

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