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Binuria is a model village in Birbhum district.This village is 6 km far away from Santiniketan and 8 km away from Bolpur.There are 250 families live in the village and the population is nearly 1200.The ratio of the male and female is about 50%.There are 3 schools(one primary and two highs) in this village but still only 50% peoples of this village are educated.Except only this weakness this village is so beautiful.It is full of green trees,lots of ponds and all kinds of domestic animals.The Kopai river and a man made canal has passes through the two ends of the village.The village has its own post office and telephone exchange.Peoples of this village enjoy all kinds of Hindu festivals.It provides a big market besides the main road which passes through the village.Villagers get all kinds of town like facilities here,like concrete road around the village,available drinking water,wide main road etc.This village is under development of Rural Extension Center.The boys and girls of here take participate in many cultural program and manyevents like sports,quiz etc and get lots of prizes in every year.The village is under Ruppur Gram Panchayet, but the peoples are not political sensitive.Thats why the peoples haven't seen any political quarrel or fighting between two parties in any election.Most of the villagers are farmers in this village,where little are involved in gov jobs and their own business . There are an important thing about this village is,two types of scheduled tribe lives in the village.They are santal and konra.But all the villagers live in the village together and help each other.

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