La Plaza, Logroño

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Town's squares from all over the world!

Group rules and description

Let's share in this group only

Town's Squares pictures!


Feel free to add as much pertinent pictures you like, as well invite more members!

No limit in number per day/total, but be moderate to preserve the diversity!

People without pertinent pictures could also join us, if they just provide a reason!


  • Spontaneously taken people in the picture are welcome,
    but NOT people in pose in a square!

  • NOT simple streets, gardens or fields

  • Commercial centres or Car parkings are not Squares !!!

  • Monument's details, even if from a square are not accepted

  • NOT extremely software-modified/bad quality pictures


---Please read the rules before becoming member---

Members repeatedly posting inappropriate pictures will be expelled !!!

If you don't completely understand some rule, please don't hesitate to send us a private message for any question.

████████████████████████████ least in some few languages


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...Become a moderator! Let me know if you wish to!

...Noticed a little participation from African people :-( Please invite them to share their pictures with us!!!

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