Methodist Church, Padbury Street, Moora, Western Australia (Now Uniting Church)

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Historical buildings AT LEAST 50 YEARS OLD (see Group rules and description below) =========================== PLEASE NOTE: WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REMOVE ANY PHOTO WHICH WE DEEM ARE NOT SUITABLE.

Group rules and description

Please tag ONLY photos of BUILDINGS which are at least 50 years old. NO interiors, NO murals, NO 'scenic CATCH-ALL' photos, NO fences, NO fountains, NO close-up photos of building details, NO wall reliefs, NO corridors/passages, NO gates/entrances, ruins are Ok only if you can actually make out the buildings (not a pile of rubble) etc etc. This list is not exhaustive - use your common sense when posting or ask the Owner or the Moderator for advice. QUALITY NOT quantity please. The main subject must be a building. The building should fill the photo frame as much as possible. Photos graded not suitable will be removed and if re-tagged again members will be warned and may be removed from this group. Thanks for your understanding.

What is a definition of a BUILDING: Permanent or temporary structure enclosed within exterior walls and a roof, and including all attached apparatus, equipment, and fixtures that cannot be removed without cutting into ceiling, floors, or walls.

General 'scenic CATCH-ALL' type photos are NOT accepted unless the photo shows ALL historical buildings. Example of such a photo is located HERE (where all buildings in the photo are at least 50 years old) While 'scenic CATCH-ALL' photography could somewhat be relevant, I fear the invasion of such photos can and will detract from what the group was set out to portray in the first place.

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