Gatto del Fornillo

About this group

The theme : "Horizontal LINE". 80% - 90% -100% flat (or almost flat and paralle). The theme is the LINE: A line that is horizontal. ----> A horizontal LINE must be the MAIN element in your photo (visible). The theme is "horizontal LINE", and not simply horizon.

Group rules and description

Before post your wonderful shots,


  • A horizontal LINE must be the MAIN element of the photo (visible).

  • All posted photos not involving horizontal line as the main, central and principal élément will be removed.

  • The theme is "horizontal LINE", and NOT horizon.

  • Photos of panoramas should be avoided, but some may be welcome if it brings a unique view (and a horizontal line)

  • The theme of the group is not group photos of houses roof, or side walks, and so on : so thank you to limit this type of photos.

  • Uploads. Thanks to allowed a maximum of 3 - 4 photos per day. So the wall of the group is representative of many members, and not a single photographer.

  • High quality required: technical quality, or aesthetic quality, pixel amount, and sentiment, feeling. In this group the selection is very hard. The selection criterias: 100% relatives but interactives and dynamics, the parts determine the process, the process determines the parts. The selection it's not only an aesthetic judgment.

  • The exception proves the rule. But too many exceptions usually don't mean anything. This group is not a simple "tag", but a real RESEARCH GROUPS: artistic, technical and spiritual research. In this HQG you must think.

  • Congratulations to all Authors for your fantastic photos, selected or not selected in this group ! ! !

Art director

Marc Mauhourat ©

Group moderators