Stara łódka i październikowe  słońce.

About this group

**This is a group which doesn't allow uploading more than one photo a day!** Small boats up to 10 meters in a natural, picturesque environment. **Please open boats! Otherwise only with a little! construction, cabin ot tent on it** Uploading; not more than one photo a day. Quality has to count to every member; quantity only will count when speaking of all our photos together.

Group rules and description

This group asks pictures of all kind of boats less than 10 m in an natural environment, picturesque small port, on beach or land, in any case attractive!

Conditions are they are situated in a natural environment or picturesque, scenic small harbour. When the space or environment around the boat has a certain atmosphere increasing the power of attraction of the boat, it can be placed.

The atmosphere has to breath a certain nostalgic mood. Avoid a central place with only hard colours, certainly not when these are of polyester boats; these kind of photos form the opposite of the picturesque photo! To have a group nice for everyone

It's not permitted upload more than 1 picture a day The picture will change once in a few days or week. Boring pictures are -when reading the rules above- not allowed; my suggestion is letting know me when a photo is experienced as ' boring'; to get and held a satisfied group for each member!

Group moderators