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About this group

If you think that shadows help define architectural form, space and details, or you just like shooting interesting shadows (and natural light) casting on and through buildings, please post your best, high quality, well composed images here.

Group rules and description

-Please post images that only show and emphasize a combination of NATURAL light and shadows on any building, building element, architecture or engineered structures. (No sculptures or statues.) The shadows need to be the DISTINCTIVE element in the composition and create a striking contrast with the reflected light in the image.

-So that we can all see a good, balanced sampling of everyone's best images, there's a limit of 40 photos per member.

-If the number of your images currently exceed 40 and/or if they do not emphasize shadows, I request that you carefully review them and selectively edit them down so they do. If not, I will edit yours down periodically based on the above guidelines.

-As you can see, I am more interested in quality than quantity!

Thanks so much.

Best Regards, Fallingwater

Group moderators