Muskrat Lodge, Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area, Columbus, Minnesota

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Photos of and mapped to: State Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs); State Natural Areas / State Scientific and Natural Areas (SNAs); State Aquatic Managament Areas (AMAs); National Wildlife Refuges (NWRs); and National Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs). --------------- I am hoping this group will encourage more people to take more photos in these places and I am interested in any ideas you may have to this end.

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The current group avatar is Muskrat Lodge, Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area, Columbus, Minnesota by group owner AustinMN.


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Mapping rule: Photo MUST be mapped to one of the following:

State: WMAs; SNAs; AMAs;

Federal: NWRs; WPAs

Do Not Include: State Parks; State Forests; WIAs (These are private property and entering them for purposes other than hunting is unethical and in some cases may be illegal); Fishing Piers; Fish Hatcheries; Water Access Sites (exceptions: those sites located in a WMA, SNA, NWR, or WPA.); State Trails, including OHV trails; National Parks and Monuments; National Forests; OHV areas; City, County, or Regional Parks; City or County Forests; Private lands; Public trails outside of the "Mapping Rule" list above.

Variety Guide: If you have a large number of photos from a single WMA, SNA, or Wildlife Refuge, consider adding them gradually, in several sessions. In the meantime, we would encourage you to visit and photograph other WMAs and SNAs near you. To find locations near you, refer to the Minnesota DNR Recreational Compass Map, which includes all of Minnesota's WMA's and SNA's, and a wide variety of other facilities.

Quality Rule: Photos that are out of focus, substantially over- or under-exposed, or have no clear subject will be removed.

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