The End of a Whale at the End of the World...

About this group

Gaia is the goddess of the Earth if not the Earth itself...Please add only pictures that show the world as an enchanted place with a hope of a future for our childrens children. Please only add pictures that broaden your mind. Pictures that that instead of narrowing the view of the world makes it infinite and trigger the hope. Dieser Spruch kommt so passend an hier.. und dafür danke ich der Ellen aus meinem Herzen: "Mutter, wem gehört das Gold der Sonne, wem das Blau der Berge, das Grün der Weiden?" Mein Kind, es gehört dir und mir und keinem von uns, denn es gehört der Natur. Und wir sind ein Teil der Natur." Legende aus Nepal

Group rules and description

Please join in to make this a group of magic landscapes with a meaning......this pictures must be the one you treasure yourself and the ones that you hope can contribute to making the world a better place

Please don't add any pure macros here but close-up pictures with a clear view of the world in that particular place are welcomed ie a flower in the foreground. Essential this means that GE pictures are the one allowed in except for here persons are allowed and even pictures that somehow are GE worthy even if the pitctures is not accepted as one :)

Important: As the world is a finite place I have decided that the number of pictures here must not exceed 980.

It's really important that all aspects of the earth is present here so sceneries covering mountains, deserts, beaches, farmland, grassland, arctics and civilization from all over the world is the goal.

I will reserve the right to edit the group as to keep the diversity intact.

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