About this group

Only 1 photo !

Group rules and description

This is a select Club. We have the posibility to show our best photo. Before joyn, please read rules.

Exclusive rule

Add only 1 photo.

Membership rules

  1. To join, please add the photo when you join group..

  2. We suggest to change the preferated photo every time do you think it is necessary.

  3. Pelase do not enter photos that can be part of a commercial.

  4. International: We have topics for all languages, if not, please open it one for your language to. Welcome all !!

  5. Logo :The logo of this Group is not allowed to be used anywhere. Please do not use it for another group or gallery.

  6. To be a member, must have minimum 15 photos in gallery or least 2 month activity but minimum 10 photos.

  7. Members will be informed in case of breaking rules under photos and private message.

  8. Pleaee do not SPAM with invitations.this group will grow withouth massive invitations. Please invite just friends.

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German : MarieE

Hungarian and Romanian : szenteworks

Italiano : Daniela Brocca

English : Waleed Arayis

Group moderators