Pelican Island

About this group

High quality photos of the earth, taken from any type of flying device (airplane, helicopter, glider, balloon, etc.).

Group rules and description

  1. The photos should be taken from an height of at least 500 ft. (150 m) flying (or just moving) above the ground, on board of some kind of flying device.

  2. The photos should have the earth as subject, not other flying devices or airport facilities (i.e. no air-to-air photography, no photos of the cockpit, of a wing, of a runway just before touchdown, of an airport during taxiing or start, of just the clouds outside the window, ...). The group is intended to show high quality panoramas of the earth from the air, not the technical aspects of flying and of flying devices and ground facilities.

  3. Photos taken from buildings, towers, mountain peaks, skyscrapers, are not accepted.

  4. Photos should be meaningfully titled and geographically positioned (no names like IMG01234.jpeg!).

  5. No artistic filter or postprocessing (for example: Miniature-Faking, Diorama-Effect, aggressive change in colors, posterization, oil-painting effect, watercolour-effect) are allowed. Normal postprocessing like saturation, contrast equalization, trimming and so on is of course allowed (and welcome!).

  6. There is no specific limit to the number of photos that any user can contribute to the group. The Moderators have the right to delete photos contravening the rules of the group.

  7. Admission requests to the group should be made using a proposed photo to post in the group. Request with no sample photo or with inappropriate photo will be refused.

  8. Photos should adhere to a minimal quality standard, for example: a) the typical "blue haze" should be removed or reduced; b) blurred, low-contrast, under- or overexposed, foggy and almost unreadable photos should not be posted; c) the horizon should be made horizontal as much as possible, no fish-eye effects; d) no part of the plane, cockpits, wings, propellers, jet motors or any other parts, no matter how small, should be visible in the photo; e) no big texts, dates or logos superimposed on the photo. Just use common sense and be selective! Owner(s) and Moderator(s) have the right to delete photos contravening the rules of the group. Please observe that a photo deleted from the group remains of course in Panoramio!

  9. Owner(s) and Moderators(s) have the right to delete a user that repeatedly ignores the Group's Rules posting many inappropriate photos.

  10. Rules are not "carved in stone". Please enter the group discussion and do express your opinion!

Group moderators