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**IMPORTANT MAX 5 PHOTOS PER DAY** **MASSIMO 5 FOTO al GIORNO** The Mediterranean and has a long and varied and amazingly beautiful coastline landscapes. The sea (il mare, il Mediterraneo) takes different names around the coast of the various countries: for example, to the north west of Italy is named as the Ligurian Sea (Mar Ligure), and south of the Mar Ligure we sail into the majestic Tyrrhenian Sea (Mar Tirreno). In the deep south of Italy's boot lies the Ionian Sea (Mar Ionio) and to the east is the well know Adriatic Sea (Adriatico). ------- From Spain to Greece and from Egypt to South of France we find vast protected marine reserves of outstanding beauty. Small islands, real hidden pearls with small communities of people lost all over in this big but not so big ancient Mare Nostrum, craddle of many ancient civilizations.------------Traditionally Iancient villages were constructed in defensive locations, often in the hills above the seafor the fear of pyrates raids. Historic fishing ports, although situated on the sea, favour rocky natural harbours and defences. Lets' find together the most beautiful towns and villages of the 'ancient Mediterraneo'. ~~**The aim of this group is to look for and 'search together all the really' beautiful places in Mediterranean from 0 to max 99.000 inhabitants!** Best wishes, **The Man in the Maze** ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE READ AND RESPECT THE 3 MAIN GROUP RULES

Group rules and description

RULE 1 – ONLY TOWN WITH LESS THE 100,000 PEOPLE / ANY TOWN LARGER THAN 99,999 WILL BE DELETED ----> The distinction between a town and a city similarly depends on the approach adopted: a city may strictly be an administrative entity which has been granted that designation by law, but in informal usage, the term is also used to denote an urban locality of a particular size or importance: whereas a medieval city may have possessed as few as 10,000 inhabitants, today some consider an urban place of fewer than 100,000 as a town, even though there are many officially designated cities that are very, very much smaller than that. (Source Wikipedia, So we will accept only town on any side of the Mediterranean Sea with less than 100,000 inhabitants up to the smallest villages or communities on its shores. BEACHES WITHOUT THE VILLAGE or THE TOWN will be accepted only if they are within 2 miles distance from the town or village --SCENES WITH ONLY THE SEA WITHOUT VILLAGE or TOWN VIEW will be accepted only if they are within 2 miles distance from the town or village * - *VILLAGES and TOWNS SHOULD BE THE MAIN COMPONENT OF THE PHOTO BUT BEAUTIFUL VIEWS OVER THE SEA ON ANY COASTAL AREA OF THE MEDITERRANEO WILL BE WELCOMED - Pictures of alleys or streets without the sea view or people but belonging to any community on the Mediterranean with less than 99,000 will be accepted. Scenes of such as landscapes or aerial views are accepted but must include a town or a village to be valid. Scenes of urban beaches within or very near to those towns or villages and without building or people can be accepted providing that they are within maximum of a two miles distance from the town or village. Scenes of real life, people at work near the sea, fishermen, local markets, etc etc are VERY WELCOME ----------------------------------------THE AIM OF OUR GROUP IS TO PROVIDE AN INSIGHT and FEELING OF THE PLACE INCLUDING THE NEAREST BEACHES TO EACH URBAN COMMUNITY TO DISCOVER THE MOST BEAUTIFUL JEMS IN THE MEDITERRANEAN ---------------------------------------------RULE 2 -  IMPORTANT MAX 5 PHOTOS PER EACH LOADING SESSION To enhance the variety you can load only a maximum of 5 photos in each session and wait for the next member to load his pictures before loading some more of yours. Each photo over the limit of 5 per each loading session will be **DELETED. -------> Other than this there is no limit to the number of photos that each member can load providing that the pictures are not too similar to each other. Pictures that too similar to each other from the same member will be deleted. -----------------------------RULE 3 – QUALITY, left to common sense to each of you. However, only photos of reasonable good quality will be accepted. For example photos with low resolution or to over/under exposed will not be accepted and will be deleted at discretion of the moderators.

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