Zoo de Luján: el sueño de darle la mamadera a un tigre

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MOTHER EARTH is ours to enjoy for every boy and girl, man and woman. So we must always be aware that all its beauty we must share with all the children yet to come who want to laugh and play and run around the trees, rivers, lakes, mountains, beaches, seas and in the green fields of our dear MOTHER NATURE. So we must keep OUR PLANET FREE from messy trash and debris, with air that's clean and fresh and clear for all to breathe from year to year. We must never ever abuse our sweet Mother Earth that's ours to us. That's why from this group the world we say: As long as LIFE is as dear as FREE... WE are the EARTH and the EARTH is US!

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This Environment Group gives you the opportunity to browse through the visions and photos of our unique & beautiful Mother Earth and Her Nature, as seen through the Panoramio members' eye...

Pollution in the world is taking a larger swing. We are witnessing a series of natural disasters that occur such as: global warming, depletion of the ozone, climate change, poor air quality and air pollution, acid rains, marine pollution and acidification, problems arising from land pollution and degradation, and many other disorders.

The biggest and the only culprit for this environmental disaster which is happening on Planet Earth is man.

Hence, we can and must act on the awakening of awareness about environmental protection of Mother Earth, our Home in this universe...

Thank you for joining us!

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