canals of Chioggia

About this group

Photos that represent landscapes, buildings, animals, clouds or other, naturally reflex in water or other reflecting surfaces.

Group rules and description

to only accept photos in which reflections are a major and compelling part of the photo. This means that even if a photo has a reflection, but the reflection is minor or casual in nature, it will not be accepted. A viewer must must be able to instantly see the reflection upon viewing the photo, and in fact their eyes should be drawn to the reflection. If a viewer must search for the reflection, the photo is not keeping with the "Reflection - Riflessi" theme. By way of further explanation, reflections of the sun without any other main reflection images, are not accepted. This means, for example, that sunrises and sunsets over bodies of water, beautiful though they are, are not accepted unless there is also a major reflection of another object (such as clouds) in addition to the sun. Will not be accepted photos that are of poor quality.

You add your pictures you think are compatible with the theme and the rules, if not good will be removed.

Group moderators