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Guggenheim and spider

About this group

Surreal & abstraction & others wonderful photographs in this themes... **Attention!!! Big request to all members of the group !!!!!! Look at all your photos in the group carefully one more time Check again, your photos fit the theme of the group or not ... Inappropriate photo delete,please .... If the number of photos in the group of more than 30 Choose 30 pieces of the best from your photos in the group, the remaining, superfluous, remove,please... If you do not do this themselves, a moderator will do it for you Sincerely, all the best .... FWWS! Thank you very much for your feedback & amazing photos....Respect & best wishes...FWWS!**

Group rules and description

Max 30 photo...

Big request for all members & moderators of group: Photos correspond the theme for this group .... Number of photos should not exceed the amount specified in the rules for this group... Thank you very much for your feedback & amazing photos.... Respect & best wishes...FWWS! You can change the preferated photos every time do you think you have one thats best llike the previously.. -If you have been removed from the group, please read the rules and then ask to join again. Removing is not a ban, it is the easier way to control the number of pictures an user submits. Please enjoy membership...Thank you very much for your feedback & amazing photos....Respect & best wishes...FWWS!

The group was created in order for you to see pictures of other photographers, professionals and amateurs, on the topic that interests you, learn from each other, chat, etc. Each team member is free to leave the group at any time ... If you would like to once again establish your beautiful pictures in the front ranks of the group much to ask to do it no more frequently than once in 1 month ... Recommendation: add one day to one or two photos and every day they will be on the front page...

If you do a permutation of photos very often, it can be seen as spam .... If some of your pictures rearranged removed the warning for you about the spam and virus behavior ... If you continue with these steps, you will be removed from the group ...

If you do not agree with the policy of the organizer and moderators,or
you and your photos removed from the group you can open from the 1st to 20 of their own groups and to demonstrate it all the best, you can to invite to group of like-minded, etc.

Questions about the excess number of photos, and evaluate their quality and relevance of their subject matter of this group and so on ... solved by moderators and organizer of the group.

The group members must have at least 20 pictures in Panoramio and following the rules Panoramio..... May be exceptions....

I'm sorry for my bad English, many thanks for Google translater.....Respect & best wishes...FWWS!

Group moderators