IRAN TEHRAN Azadi Tower, Azadi Square, Meydan-e Azadi, Meydan-e Shahyad, Tehran province, میدان آزادی، میدان شهیاد، برج آزادی،  برج شهیاد، تهران

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Your effort to upgrade international group, would not without any result and finally publish as precious photo album. Group moderators can see the effects of propagation. For more information and exchange idea send personal message to me. **All photographers from around the world, including international groups are subject to the provisions of Panoramio photos can be anything ...**

Group rules and description

Group International

In this group put photos from international photographers . Submit your photos from around the world and register here.

1.Member of the group can be of any country .

2.Photos can be anything such as scene, famous statue, waterfall etc.

3.Moderation has all the power to check the gallery of the group.

4.Please enjoy membership. all are welcome in the group.

Thank you for sharing.


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