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Panoramio photo policy

Panoramio is a website where users can upload and geolocate photos of the world, explore the world through other people's photos, and join a community of other photography enthusiasts. Geopositioned photos uploaded in Panoramio may be displayed in a Panoramio Group, Google Earth and Google Maps and other sites using the Panoramio API. Depending on the content of the uploaded photo, it will be eligible to be sponsored on the mentioned destinations. Please read this page to understand whether a photo can be uploaded into Panoramio, and under which conditions it may be sponsored to the other listed places.

Acceptance policy for Panoramio photos

All photos uploaded in Panoramio can be seen in the following places:

  • If they are your photos, they're available on your personal page (Your photos)
  • They are included in the Panoramio map
  • They're visible in Google Earth if you use Google Earth to open this file. The file contains all the current Panoramio photos.
  • They can be displayed in any website using the Panoramio API

The following table summarizes the acceptance policy. All types of photos that appear in the table are unacceptable for Panoramio.

Unacceptable types of photos Comment
Logos, mini-images, images that are not real photos, scanned documents, text documents, screen captures, collages and copyrighted images that are not yours These cannot be accepted in Panoramio for legal reasons
Photos that someone else took, even if you credit the original photographer Unless you have explicit permission from the photographer, you cannot upload the photo to Panoramio
Photos with advertising superimposed on the image or in the title Businesses such as hotels, bars, shops etc. are visible and even interesting in many locations and therefore it is fine to take photos of them to illustrate the world. This said, Panoramio is not a place for advertisement and it is for this reason that advertising text over the photo or in the title are not accepted. As an example, "Pepito's Bar" is okay. However, "Pepito's bar; snacks and beer" or "To order prints and t-shirts, call 394845" is not okay
Sexually explicit photos Panoramio is not a place for sexually explicit photos. Photos of children are especially sensitive. If we have any questions about the intention of a photo, it will be immediately deleted.
Adult nudity can be more complicated to judge. In general, if the nude would be suitable for a museum, or if the nude appears in a naturist location, it may be suitable for Panoramio
Discriminative, harassing, threatening, or racist photos These will be deleted
Illegal, dangerous, or violent content We will delete content that is unlawful in nature, promotes dangerous or illegal acts, or contains graphic or gratuitous violence.
Photos intentionally geopositioned to the wrong place e.g., Photos wrongly positioned in low populated areas to increase their visits and popularity

To report a photo that violates our policy, please click the Inappropriate or offensive link to the right of the photo.

Failing to comply to any of the above conditions may lead to the deletion of the infringing photo, or even of the whole account, without notice.

Acceptance policy for Panoramio photo titles, comments and discussions

Panoramio does not permit the following types of content in photo titles or comments:

  • Content that engages in illegal activities or promotes dangerous and illegal acts
  • Hate Speech: Content that promotes hatred or violence towards groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity
  • Spam, including a disproportionate number of links in a single comment and repetitive comments
  • Advertising URLs
  • Harassment and threats: We don't allow individuals to use Google Maps to harass, bully, or attack other individuals.
  • Sexually explicit content: We don't allow content that contains sexually explicit subject matter and nudity.

If you post comments with these characteristics, your user account can be deleted without notice.

Although the focus of Panoramio is photography about places, we can't limit the topics that people discuss. We prefer not to interfere in conversations and we allow a photographer to decide whether to delete comments. We take action only in the case of abuse, spam, or illegal behavior.

To report a photo whose title violates this policy, click the Inappropriate or offensive link to the right of the photo.

Acceptance policy for Panoramio Groups

Panoramio Groups are sub-communities of Panoramio users that are interested in a common topic and each group defines which kind of photos will be accepted. Being accepted to a group does not mean to be accepted for Google Earth/Google Maps and the other way around. It is for this reason that in a group we will find photos that are accepted for Google Earth/Google Maps and photos that are not. In any case, each group will have its own layer to view those photos together in a Map and Google Earth.

For example, you could have a group called "Old cars" where a photo of a mountain would not be accepted, even though that photo would be suitable for the Google Earth/Google Maps layer, while a photo of and old car would be accepted in the group and at the same time rejected from the Google Earth/Maps layer.

For more information on Panoramio Groups and its policies please visit Panoramio Groups Help.

Acceptance policy for Google Earth and Google Maps

For Google Earth and Google Maps we select only photos about exterior places: landscapes, monuments, streets, buildings, parks, and so on. All photos must comply with the Panoramio Photo Acceptance Policy.

Subjects that are not approved

The following tables list the types of photos that do not get approved for Google Earth and Google Maps. The first table lists subjects that are not approved because their subjects are unsuitable.

Unsuitable subject Possible exception
Portraits of people, or photos of people posing People are an unavoidable part of the place
Car, plane or any machine The object is an unavoidable part of a place
Pet or animal Animals in their natural environment showing the background
Flowers and details of plants Forests, big trees and photos that show the background
Close-ups, details, inscriptions, or signs  
Aerial photos similar to the satellite images from Google Maps  
Events, such as exhibitions, concerts, and parades  
Interiors; anything under a roof Wide perspectives inside churches, mosques, train stations, and so on
Representations, such as paintings, logos, digital images, collages, and so on, rather than images from life  

Types of photos that are not approved

This second table lists types of photos that are not accepted for Google Earth and Google Maps.

Issue Possible exception
Text such as large copyright notices, advertising, or large URLs Very small and discreet copyright notices, if you are the copyright owner
Photos surrounded by frames Very thin and simple frames are accepted, such as black line or white line
Photos that are smaller than 500 pixels in height and width  
Low quality photos, including blurred photos, photos that are smaller than 100 KB, photos that are too dark, and so on  
Photos taken from the interior of a car  
3D photos (photos that are intended for use with special eyeglasses)  

If you think your photo has been improperly rejected, please click Ask for a second review under the photo to report the problem.