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Panoramio Geotagged photo contest

Important update: Submissions are no longer being accepted for the contest, but you can still view winners from earlier contest months at

Every month Panoramio runs the Geotagged Photo Contest. The contest is open to members of the Panoramio community worldwide.

Entries to the Geotagged Photo Contest need to be submitted each month according to the defined categories. To participate in the contest:

  1. Look up this month's categories
  2. Upload a photo into Panoramio based on the category description
  3. Use the link 'Submit to the contest' located under the photo and choose one category

During the following month the photos submitted to the contest will be voted by the Panoramio community by selecting the best photo of a sample of 10 randomly displayed photos. To vote photos from the last month visit the voting page, and make sure you are logged in with your Panoramio account as only registered users can vote.

The announcement of the results will be published the month after the voting period (e.g. a photo submitted in January is voted during the month of February and the results are announced in March).


  • Participants can submit up to 5 photos
  • One photo can participate in only one category
  • A user can only be winner in 1 photo during the same month
  • You can't substitute or cancel submitted photos
  • Contest winners are ineligible to win the contest during the 3 months following their win
  • Using more than one account per person may lead to disqualification and even the deletion of your Panoramio account

Voting for photos

  • Only Panoramio registered users can vote for a photo
  • A user can vote for an unlimited number of photos
  • The photos with the highest number of votes will be the winners


Beginning July 1, 2013 the Panoramio Geotagged photo contest is a non-prize contest that aims to challenge our photography community to identify the best photos uploaded in Panoramio during the duration of the contest in four different categories. Winning photos will have a dedicated page in Panoramio linked from the contest page for the whole community to admire and enjoy.