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Panoramio Help

Spam in comments

Panoramio doesn't tolerate spam. Spam in comments will lead to account deletion without previous notice.

We define your comment as spam if it meets these conditions:

  • You post multiple comments with identical or almost identical content.
  • You frequently post an excessive number of comments.
  • In a comment, you link to your own photos or to an external website. You can add links to your own photos, but not to another person's photos.
  • During a contest, you post comments that promote your own photos.

Someone who is new to online communities might spam for the first time without realizing how disruptive it is. If you receive spam from someone who seems to be new, we suggest that you take the following action:

  1. Delete the spam comment.
  2. Add a comment to one of the spammer's photos, and include a link to this topic. The link to this topic is: The spammer will receive you comment through email notification and will typically stop spamming after one or two comments.
  3. If the spamming continues, notify with the username of the spammer and some links or screenshots of examples.