Panoramio Help

Tagging photos

Tags are labels that you apply to your photos in order to organize them and enable other people to find them. You can apply multiple tags to the same photo, and can use as many tags as you need to describe what's in the photo.

You can retrieve photos by tag in three places:

  • You can retrieve photos that match a word or phrase on the Panoramio Tags page. Just click one of the popular tags or enter a word or phrase into the search box.
  • You can retrieve your own tagged photos by clicking one of the tags you've created. These appear on your personal (Your Photos) page once you've created them.
  • If you're viewing someone else's personal page, you can see his or her tags. You can click on a tag to retrieve all photos with that tag by that photographer.

Why should you use tags? Imagine that you travel to San Francisco several times over the course of a few years, and each time you go, you take photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. You tag the photos with the words "Golden Gate." You can now retrieve all your Golden Gate Bridge photos by clicking the Golden Gate tag on your personal page. Other users who search for "Golden Gate" on the Tags page will see your photos among all other photos tagged with Golden Gate,

How to create and apply a tag

To tag your photos:

  1. Click Your Photos.
  2. Notice that under Organize with tags, there's an empty text box.
  3. Enter a tag name and then click Create tag. The new tag appears under Organize with tags as a hyperlink that can be clicked. At this point, it's not linked to any photos.
  4. Next to the tag, click Apply.
  5. Click each photo to which you want to apply the tag. The tag appears under each photo that you've clicked.
  6. Press Done to finish.

A tag must be associated with at least one photo, so if you create a tag but don't apply it, the tag disappears when you change pages. Just remember to apply a tag immediately after creating it.

How to remove tags from your photos

To remove a tag:

  1. Next to the tag, click Apply.
  2. Click each photo from which you want to remove the tag. The tag disappears from under each photo that you've clicked.
  3. Press Done to finish.

Remember that if the tag no longer applies to at least one photo, it disappears when you change pages.

How to edit or delete tags

To edit or delete a tag:

  1. Next to Organize with tags, click Edit. Your tags will become editable, and a trash can icon appears next to each edit field.
  2. Edit the name of the photo, or click the trash can to delete the tag.
  3. When you're done, click I'm done.