Panoramio Help


These are some problems that Panoramio users have encountered in the past.

If you have questions that aren't covered here, we suggest looking at the forum to see whether someone has already posted them. If the questions haven't been posted before, go ahead and post them!

I'm having trouble uploading photos to Panoramio

If the uploading process is stuck at 0%, you might have been logged out by an error caused by your browser's security settings, your antivirus software, or your firewall.

To resolve the issue, try these techniques:

  1. Set the privacy settings in your browser to accept cookies from Panoramio. Try to sign in, and if that works, try the upload again.
  2. Ensure that is on the list of trusted sites for your antivirus software and firewall software. Try to sign in, and if that works, try the upload again.

Some versions of Internet Explorer can cause problems, so it's a good idea to update your browser. If your problems persist, try another browser, such as Firefox or Chrome.

If your problems continue, post your question to the Help forum (mostly English) or to the forums in other languages.

It's taking a long time to see my photos on Google Earth

All photos in Panoramio are reviewed to ensure that irrelevant photos don't get transferred to Google Earth. This process takes time, because thousands of photos are uploaded to Panoramio daily. Please check the transfer date information at the top of this page to find out when your photo will be transferred. We hope to speed up the transfer process in the future.

There's currently no guarantees about which photos will be chosen for Google Maps, or when they will be transferred.

I can't find a photo's ID number

You can find the ID number in two places:

  • Under the photo
  • At the end of the URL address of that page. For example, the URL for photo 123456 is

I see a small icon instead of a photo when I view photos in Google Earth

This problem usually arises because your firewall is blocking third parties, such as Try changing your firewall settings so that the firewall allows content from Panoramio.

Panoramio changed the color of my photo

Panoramio does not change the color of your photos. However, colors can look different on different browsers and computers.

I can't figure out how to organize my photos

You can't currently change the order of the photos on the Your Photos page. You can organize your photos only with tags.

I can't figure out how to replace a photo

Photos are unique and accumulate a number of views, comments, and other information that can't be transferred to another photo. You can delete a photo and upload a new photo, but the new photo will have its own identity.