Good Morning Calm

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Tom Ringold on June 13, 2008

Very nice one here Alicia! I love the graphic qualities and the painterly look. I hate to be critical but I think it's upside down:)



MaryAlice on June 16, 2008


Tom thinks this one is upside down. That could not be possible, could it? ;) You would NEVER pull trickery of this sort, now would you?

This is an amazing reflection! Superb!

Very best regards to you, my friend!

Mary Alice

ai savery on June 17, 2008

I knew I should never have spilled the beans about my ducks on the log! Now neither one of you trusts my photos ;(. I can't imagine why you think this is upside down. Maybe both of you are standing on your heads in anticipation when you open my photos ;). At any rate, I'm so glad for your compliments, Tom and Mary Alice - thank you for swinging by! Best regards, alicia

Marilyn Whiteley on June 17, 2008

Despite your trickery, Alicia, it's beautiful--with the perfection of the reflection, the soft colours, and its painterly quality. (I'm glad Tom used that word. I've sometimes wanted to--as here--but wondered whether anybody would understand what I meant. Fortunately Tom is more confident than I!) Best wishes, Marilyn

ai savery on June 18, 2008

Hello Marilyn and thank you for your visit. I always take 'painterly' as a compliment, and I think most photographers would understand, as we are artists at heart, don't you think? I don't know if Tom is necessarily more confident (you have every reason to be, Marilyn :)) or just unconcerned if I understand or not ;~) (I say this with the best of intentions of course!) So I thank you, Marilyn for the painterly comment. Best regards to you as well, alicia

ps - I also tend to take many comments in panoramio with a grain of salt, as the written word and/or translation does not always come across as it was intended ;) - so no worries.

Tom Ringold on June 18, 2008

Marilyn and Alicia, my confidence grew out of my suspicion of trickery, not the beautiful image. I probably would not of used that word had I not been quite sure we were being inverted 8^)


Jim Evans (AXOTA) on June 24, 2008

I think I shall go with Tom here Alicia. Fake---probably not, trickery almost positive--- Intrigueing, definitely yes. Nice job

Painterly I do believe that you have invented a new word here Tom. English is a difficult, yet forgiving language so I guess that its ok to use it. I think I know what you mean.

Warm wishes to you all.


Marilyn Whiteley on June 24, 2008

Jim, I've just double checked, Wikipedia has an article on painterly, and there are definitions. One says that "painterly photography [is] marked by an openness of form which is not linear and in which sharp outlines are lacking." In another, "shapes [are] distinguished by variations of color rather than by outline or contour."

I think someone used the word to describe one of mine, but Google can't find it so perhaps I'm imagining.


Jim Evans (AXOTA) on June 24, 2008

I am sure that the definition is correct Marilyn. It is not one I am familiar with, but I would quite happily use it.

Kind regards and forgive us our trespasses Alicia.


Tom Ringold on June 24, 2008

I believe this image is a success not only because it works in two orientations,... and is painterly, but it aroused a conversation of what it is about among our peers.

I have to thank Marilyn for taking the time to do her homework, my impression was more along the lines of her found definition number two. The variation of color in the ripple is very distinguishing.

Perhaps Mary Alice will weight in on this.

I love it either way :)


ai savery on June 26, 2008

Hallo, Jim, Tom and Marilyn!

Painterly is most certainly a word, and I understood it perfectly! That might even have been me who left you that message, Marilyn - I believe I've actually used the word before myself. Jim, I'd have to agree with you, English is most forgiving, especially today with all of the new 'techie' language coming out, not to mention the new dictionaries that have to keep up with it all. You'll just have to be more 'expansive with your horizons' (:~~).

It's so nice to see you all here, and yes, if Mary Alice would swing by to visit we could all just have a merry party!

Thank you all for the entertaining 'trespasses' -alicia

MaryAlice on June 26, 2008

Did I hear someone mention my name?

Tis I, Mary Alice, coming over for the Merry party! :)

What a terribly interesting discussion you all entertained while I was away. Shall I add my two cents? According to my findings, Painterly can be defined as so: "Any style of painting or photography marked by openness of form, with shapes distinguished by variation of color, rather than by outline or contour. Compare to Linear, meaning, of course, characterized chiefly by forms and shapes that are precisely defined by line. "

Alicia, it seems that you have caused quite a stir with your brilliant Painterly creation! Congratulations!!! :)

Very best regards,

Mary Alice

ai savery on June 27, 2008

Mary Alice you have completed the circle and we now have a Merry Party at this old boat in its good morning calm. It's wonderful to have you back, and I'm delighted that these spontaneous little conversations seem to get stirred up once in awhile. Thank you for revisiting, Mary Alice! I don't know if you've gone on vacation yet, as I see your post was before my last one to you last evening, but I know you will see this in time.... Greetings again to all -alicia

Jim Evans (AXOTA) on June 27, 2008

Ok Alicia, lets 'splice the mainbrace' and get the sails set for fair weather.



ai savery on June 27, 2008

Let's see, would that be 'raise the mains'l?' ;~0 I'd love to, Jim - let's ALL go NOW!

Mary Alice put off that vacation, or, better yet, if you've left already we'll swing by and pick you up off Florida's coast.

Marilyn I'm sure you're ready to leave home for another trip!

And Tom surely you must know how to sail with all of those sailing photos :D so you probably have your bags packed already!

Only one problem, Jim, this was an old powerboat. Quite lovely, though, and I'm sure roomy enough for all of us. I can't remember if it was a tug or a fishing boat, but no matter.....all powerboats are the same aren't they ;)? I'm all ready to trim the sails anyway!

Ahoy Maties! -alicia

Jim Evans (AXOTA) on June 27, 2008

Yeah, yeah, ok Alicia, youve got a head start cos just now I'm going to 'sling my hook' having set the watch. You'll have to look sharp me hearties, wiegh the anchor, shoot the leadline and set a course for olde Blighty. Don't want to be grounding her do we ? Call me at 8 bells.

Hahh Jimmm laddd.

Larry Workman QIN on June 27, 2008

You definitely caught my eye with this one. Nicely done Alicia! Larry

Tom Ringold on June 27, 2008

Jim, I think I saw you sail by. Alicia, who said we had to leave home,... you are taking us on a trip.

My bags are packed


ai savery on June 27, 2008

Jim does that imply that we have some sort of time difference? You'll have to pardon my difficulties with your jargon, but I'm really trying to get into the swing of things here - Would olde Blighty be that distant point in deep seas? We surely do not want to go aground!! As for 8 bells, hmmmmm.......I'll have to think about that one.

Larry - it's wonderful to see you here. You've stumbled into a gathering of folks that seems to be one of those mysterious panoramio creations - welcome aboard (we could use your recent experiences in Hawaii for our navigation ;)). All kidding aside, though, thank you for your compliment on this - I always appreciate your visits! Roche Harbor is a must see (not too far for you ;))!

And Tom which of those vessels would Jim have been on - perhaps the schooner ;D? (Only because it has the most character of course) I knew that your bags would be packed! I hear that Mary Alice is still in town - it's not too late Mary Alice - how about putting on your duck feet ;)?

8 bells - would that be 8 hours from when you commented, Jim? Which was 5 hours ago. Ok then, we'll just set the bells off in 3 hours...I can tell it won't be me on watch.... -alicia

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