L'Ecole Vauban (Vauban elementary school) - I "studied" there :-)

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scottaschultz on July 31, 2008

My wife and I just returned from Europe and were fortunate enough indeed to have discovered Village Neuf! My question is, what is the significance of "neuf"? Are there 9 of something in this town or is it meant to be interpreted as "New Village" ? Scott

Philippe Meisburger on July 31, 2008

Hi Scottaschultz,

"Neuf" in Village-Neuf means "New" and not "9". As you visited the place, you must have noticed that the city plan is anarchic enough (streets going in every direction) to be the product of a mind who doesn't think about giving numbers to towns. Village-Neuf is not like Dubaï's Jumeira 1,2,3... (this is not meaned to hurt the Dubayi people, it's a place I'ld love to visit!)

Actually, Village-Neuf (which indeed means "The new village") was founded in 1684 by people who were banned from our neighboring town Huningue. At that time (and until the 30's actually) the place was a big swamp infested by every possible animal that can infest such places.

Nowadays, Village-Neuf is more expensive than Huningue... seems that the once banned ones quite made it :-)

And you, what brought you from (enter your location here) to our end-of-the-world town ? Are you somewhat linked to the Schultz families in town ?

scottaschultz on August 3, 2008

Don't I wish!

Actually we had just flown into Zurich from Kiev where we spent 2 days visiting my ancestral home in a small Ukrainian village near the Moldova border.

Having never been to France and since we were so close, I just programmed Saint Louis, France into the GPS and off we went. This was especially meaningful to us since we live in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri! How surprised we were to see the topiary of the Spirit of St. Louis airplane in the roundabout.

Thanks so much for the information. Scott Schultz

Here is a link to my Picasa page with some of the pictures we took: http://picasaweb.google.com/Dereshova/Day4ZurichAndFrance

Philippe Meisburger on August 4, 2008

OK, then I might get you in contact with the Schultzes in Village-Neuf : you even captured their house on one of your pictures on your Picasa page (and obviously went through the street I'm living in!)

Didn't know there were Schutzes even in Ukraine. Hope you had a nice stay there, friends of mine went there and said the music in the clubs was great in Ukraine.

That Saint Louis issue is indeed funny. While I was a Student, I told the people I came from Village-Neuf, and as no one knew about it, I told them it was by Saint Louis... which usually led the other students to congratulate me for my french as they tought I were from the USA and that french were a foreign language to me.

Indeed they have the "Spirit of Saint Louis" on that roundabout you've shot (BTW, that place is just recently a roundabout, before it was a more traditionnal crossing that had so many accidents that the road leading to it was nicknamed "The death row").

Keep in touch,

Philippe from Village-Neuf

scottaschultz on August 4, 2008

Yes, I know Schultz doesn't sound Ukrainian! My father's father was given that name by an immigration agent when he came to America in the early 1900's - sort of like Vito Corleone!

If you know the Schultzes in Village-Neuf, please give them my address: scottaschultz@centurytel.net

Which picture had their house in it and what did it look like?

Our next trip to Europe (which may be a while considering the cost of this last trip) will be to the Tuscany region of Italy, so we won't be that far away and will most definitely make it a point to come back to France. This last trip was for me so the next one will be for my wife.

Scott from the other St. Louis

thor@odin™ on December 29, 2010

Wonderful building Philippe hope your memories are equally fine from there :))) Peter like

Philippe Meisburger on December 29, 2010

I've got plenty of memories from there indeed... A nice time, especially in spring where we spent more time in the nature discovering it (with some ecologist-oriented teachers) than in the classroom. The results of this education is to be seen in my Panoramio gallery :-)

thor@odin™ on December 29, 2010

oh that is just great Philippe no black school there as one could have feared, :) Peter

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