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Panoramic Millenium Park Cloud Gate 04/03/07 - N view

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kamalyn on December 12, 2007

and this is what I'd really like to see some 3D shots of! Am I missing them, or have you not posted any?

This sculpture fascinates me. I think if it were near me, I'd probably just spend 3/4 of my time there photographing all the different clouds and light conditions, reflections of the moon, as well as just the people watching seeing how everyone who sees it reacts to it. Cheers!

Volkan Yuksel on December 12, 2007

Kamaly, I am afraid I haven't done it yet. But what I have is this that I think could be done better. It' is really quite experience to visit the Millennium Park. Why don't you come see it for yourself and do the 3D to post in Panoramio ;)

kamalyn on December 12, 2007

hmmmm, Volkan, now just what kind of links are you posting for me? this is the message for that link: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /459/2/19/80/2698219800080234166ieACUU_ph.jpg on this server. :D

But I'd certainly like to get out there to see The Bean in person. Last year my flight to Wyoming for skiing was through Chicago, so who knows? :-) Of course I'd have to arrive secretly and go around to take photos on my own to see if I could score the same number of bulls-eyes you did here in Boston!

Volkan Yuksel on December 13, 2007

I am sorry, I guess I can not provide drect link to the file itself. Here is the correct link

There is more pictures here and here is how people feel when near to it

kamalyn on December 13, 2007

ohhhh, NICE one in that 3D-webshots link!!! HOw would you improve it? It seems that for some reason, I find the webshots 3Ds much easier to lock into right away than most of the ones here. Is there a subtle difference to the format between the two sites?

Your mentioning in another note about doing a 3D of the Chinatown Park Gate and Sail really got me thinking, and I'm going to try it. (I'm hoping it'll be really nice tomorrow with the new snow and the sun out!) The guy on our staff who developed the sculpture design then moved to our office in Abu Dhabi, and he'd be thrilled to see it in 3D. ( This shot from the roof of an adjacent building gives an idea of the 3D nature of it to start with)

But also, site renovations at the State House was/is an on-going project in our office, and so looking at these tonight,it's occurred to me that 3D shots of our projects would be a really cool promo thing!

And an interesting little tidbit: the company used my night photo of the gate as the company holiday card this year!

Volkan Yuksel on December 13, 2007

Kamaly, congratulations on your recognition of your photographic efforts by the company you work for. I wish I could have one of that cards :)

Our eyes lock in to 3D view much easier when the pair is smaller in size. In this case amount of necessary crossing of the eyes is significantly less than when the pair gets enlarged. Also general scene and the alignment of the pairs can make a significant difference on the comfort of observing the 3D. Yes 3D photography is very rewarding especially for your profession it could be a perfect fit.

For the Cloud gate in 3D shot in webshots, I plan to repeat it with more separation distance so I the 3D perception of the sculpture itself is more perceivable.

You can use Stereo Photo Maker as a viewer with pan and zoom functions as well (which I'd strongly suggest)

kamalyn on December 14, 2007

I downloaded it, but haven't been able to spend much time with it, so I hadn't realized SPM could be used just for viewing. I'll try that!

and if a holiday card were just sent to 'Volkanzilla, Chicago, Illinois', am I correct assuming the post office knows just where to deliver it? ;-)

buick51s on August 15, 2008


Can you please contact me at about this picture and possible approval to use it for a trade show in Chicago. I think this is an awesome picture.



artsoni on June 24, 2011

Can i use your bean photo for 3d background Volkan,it's non-commercial, just for Show 3d work :)

Volkan Yuksel on July 16, 2011

Hello all, thank you for your messages. Cheers from Chicago. Volkan

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