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Bart Aerts on April 14, 2011

Lloyd, for a link in Panoramio you have to type the name of the link between the squared hooks []followed by the (url adress) between ().

MaryAlice on April 15, 2011

Lloyd, Never EVER feel dumb! We all have to learn. None of us knew how to do it at one time. I had to ask just like you did! :) Anyway, I'm so happy that we are now "favorites"of each other's! Congratulations to us! Before and after shots of the bathroom? Well, sadly, I have no Before shots, and I'm still not quite ready to take after shots. I will be ready soon though, however, I won't want to post the up here, as I'm sure not everyone would be interested in seeing my newly remodeled bathroom! ;)
You're more than welcome for my words about your boss. Just a few thoughts that come to mind, that's all. I was able to watch the video of Mary's funeral, and it made me cry watching the horse leading them all down the road. My word, that was all so very touching. The two brother's talking really got to me too, especially the younger one in the background crying while the other one was speaking. No doubt, Mary will be greatly missed. It's so weird how these things happen and we can never understand the reasons why. It's not for us to understand though. We're told this over and over again. One day all these things will be clear, and so much more. We just have to wait. Florida? Well, it's depending on what part of Florida. Some parts are 15 hours away, while others are merely three or so. I just can't imagine searching for firewood this time of year. Wishing you a wonderful Friday, my friend! Take care and be happy! Bart, thank you for the tip on posting links. I've never mastered the art either, but I was able to pul up the link Lloyd sent just by copying and pasting! Thanks again, and best wishes to you both on this beautiful Friday,

Mary Alice

Bart Aerts on April 15, 2011

MaryAlice, Lloyd pleace don't see me as a specialist now! :-) I know a lot of people think you're a specialist if you know only just one thing more about computers. Lloyd you've find yourself the way how to ad someone to your fovorits, that's intelligence! MA is wright do NOT feel dump!! Have a nice weekend you both. I planned to enjoy a great event in my village with the scouts. Will upload some pictures soon, in the meen time take a look at Battle of the Stones. Big hugh, Bart.

Lloyd. B on April 15, 2011

Hello MaryAlice, Im glad you were able to follow my copy and paste,Yes it was a moving service for Mary,because my Boss Stuart was the mayor of Albury for two year's, it became a bit public for some people to understand,but he wanted to make more people aware about youth suicide, it is the second highest killer of youth, after road accidents,and i think it was done in a nice way.I tell you what i was standing at the very end of the road as Mary's horse was walking towards me, and i have never had so many tears run down my face. I see my Photo of Mary has already had over 60 view's. In regards to florida, im sure they are right in Miami. I hope the barthroom project is finished soon, so you can get outside again and do something a bit more exciting, and maybe you just might find something nice for your camera to capture. Enjoy your weekend,and i will catch up soon. Take care my friend.

Bart, I had a look at the ''Battle of the stones'',i could'nt read the writting, but i had a look at all the photo's and it looks like alot of fun and very rewarding,hope you have a good weekend with the Scout's,i was a ''cub'' when very young, but i only stayed in the scout's for one year,but i have fond memories of those time's. All the Best, Lloyd.

MaryAlice on April 29, 2011

Greetings, Bart and Lloyd! Wow ..... 14 days later, and I'm just now finding your comments here. Shame on me! I don't know how I get so behind. Bart, I hope you had a wonderfully fun weekend with the scouts, and don't worry too much about Lloyd thinking that you're a specialists! I don't think he will think of you this way at all. I'm sure he was just excited to learn some new stuff, as I was also! There are a lot of little tricks that I still haven't learned, so if I have questions, I think I'll come to you next time, okay? :)

Lloyd, The bathroom project is finally finished, and I'm so excited about it! I wish I could show it too you, but sadly, I just don't think that it's Panoramio material.

It's great to hear from both of you, and I wish you piles of happiness and a fun weekend ahead!


Mary Alice

Bart Aerts on May 1, 2011

Hello Mary-Alice, I'm back again and as well as you a bit away from Panoramio. I'm glad you could finish your bathroom project. I guess you're showers take a bit longer now? :-) The Battle of the Stones where great, just uploaded some pics. We had a great day with lovely weather and many visitors. The teams where also very excited about the organisation and enjoyed it a lot. Have a nice sunday evening. Greetings, Bart.

MaryAlice on May 3, 2011

Greetings, Bart, and thank you for stopping back by! Yes, the bathroom is complete, and Indeed, I DO spend quite a lot of time in there . . . How did you know? :) I shall be over to visit your gallery shortly! I'm so glad you all had a great time @ the Battle of the Stones.

Best regards,

Mary Alice

ClearJem on September 12, 2011

Hello MaryAlice just wanted to know if you though your photo would not fit in with the theme of “KISSES”?... Have a look at our gallery before you answer that question; the group believes diversity is the spice of life and our group reflects this not by quantity but quality of pictures. Your picture is one of quality and diversity!...


joerg-ahlen on March 14, 2012

Like 14 für dich und das Foto "Hund küsst Katze".

Viele Grüße aus dem alten und kalten Europa

MaryAlice on March 16, 2012

Jem, thank you so much for the invitation to join your group, but I'm not really interested in any groups at this time. Still, I thank you very much for thinking of me in such a kind way. Thank you for your kind words about this shot as well. I appreciate them greatly.

Joerg, thank you very much for your compliments. I am grateful and most pleased that you enjoyed this.

Warmest regards from the USA,

Mary Alice

<Naklaj21> on April 28, 2012

very beautiful photo!


best regards : )

MaryAlice on April 30, 2012

Naklaj21, thank you so much for your enthusiastic words. I'm delighted that you enjoyed this. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,

Mary alice

Dietmar Schmid 1953 on September 7, 2012

F+L My former dog "Dina" and my former cat "Krümel" (little thing) they loved each other in a near way too.

kleiner waldschrat on January 9, 2013

Wie schön, Tierfreundschaften sind etwas schönes! Eine ganz tolle Aufnahme!!!!

MaryAlice on January 19, 2013

Indeed, Kleiner, animal friendships certainly warm the soul. If we could all be a little more like them, this world would be a beautiful place! :)

Happy weekend wishes to you,

Mary Alice

Dietmar Schmid 1953 on January 19, 2013

Yes to take the other as he is, they look after the inside not the outside.

MaryAlice on February 1, 2013

ds53, Animals really have it all figured out, don't they? They are so much smarter than we are! If we could only learn from them. :) Thank you for visiting and for enjoying this shot.

All the best from the USA,

Mary Alice

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