The Latest Portrait of skida, by Linda

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Palmina Moore on July 16, 2008

Lovely portrait of you Keith Tell Linda congrats,


skida on July 16, 2008

Thanks Palmina. We were at the Lakes again at the weekend and this was taken on a walk around Tarn Hows. After Linda took this one, I took one of her and it didn't even come close to being this well composed. I think she was quite chuffed that she outdid me!

skida on August 7, 2008

A message to privatelandowner:

Panoramio is indeed an excellent community to share photographs and I hope that you will not be dissuaded from joining in by my response to askingpermission's first posting on the forum. I do not condone law breaking, but that person was quite rude in posting a criticism on a public forum of a well respected community member: there are courtesies and protocals on this site just as there are on access to private land. I would not expect that the photographer concerned caused any damage in order to take the photographs.

If you are the land owner then you have a right to expect people to respect your property and I am sure that the photographer regrets not asking your permission before entering. I am also sure that the photographer's intentions are to preserve rather than to damage.

I hope you do join in and I look forward to seeing your photos.

skida on August 7, 2008

Thanks Billy from me and Linda.

privatelandowner on August 8, 2008

I've added my comments directy to the pages of the photos taken while trespassing. You certainly are an diplomatic fellow. Perhaps after reading my comments, you will see where our anger and rudeness roots from. If you don't have time to read my lengthy comments - brief form is Trespassing is trespassing.. period.. no ignorancy/excuses acceptable nor tolerated. (And a true apology would sometimes be fitting) Sorry, but courtesies and protocals on a website are a lot less meaningful to me, than what trespassers may intentionally/accidently ruin and can sometimes 'never' be replaced when it comes to private property. (the nicknames lend themselves to unaccountability as well). Seems to me the internet in this instance can be very bad. (trespassing issue) Fast way to give alot of people bad ideas (he did it - she did it) with little reponsibility and accountability. Alot of the comments on Lilypon's pages are written in a very offensive manner to those who know Robsart, its residents and rural folk. We do matter and we are not dead, you are not above us in getting our permission. If we have to spend our time chasing people off, maybe the ones who really want the view should start paying for our time. I do question why 'she' is thought of to be well respected community member when she is clearly trespassing and making excuses. This is the line of thinking of too many people. In my community snoopers may be tolerated, but they are not well respected. So excuse us if we get rude in getting our thoughts paid attention to, courtesy and consideration need a little preservation as well.

privatelandowner on August 8, 2008

ps - do i know you from somewhere? I think you had a twin on tv at some time?

skida on August 8, 2008

privatelandowner: Thank you for taking the time to read my response and for giving us an insight into the feelings of your community.

Panoramio is a global community and not many "friends" meet in real life, so the respect we give to members is due mainly to the quality of their photography and also to comments shared on the photographs.

When the dust settles from this issue, hopefully we can all reflect on what we have learned. I certainly will be feeling more considerate to the feelings of the owners of properties I photograph (I normally observe the law in the UK, anyway).

One thing I take away from this is what I have read about the struggles of the early inhabitants of Robsart in the words of Florence Abbott; a truly inspirational story if ever there was one.

About my TV double: Sadly not Brad Pitt or even Sam Neill. My looks are probably more fitting for a "charactor actor". :(

Thanks again for visiting and explaining your feelings. I have also noticed that you have uploaded some photos which I am about to go and study........

Jessica G. on August 8, 2008

Privatelandowner, I'm sure we can all understand your complaint against Pam. Living in a town like Robsart you must have a lot of trespassing and vandalism. But as skida said, Pam (Lilypon) is a highly-respected member of our community. Many of us have known her on Panoramio for months or years. She was excited by her visit to Robsart and determined to capture the rustic beauty of the old buildings and vehicles she found there. I'm as sure as I can be that she would have taken every possible precaution not to damage anything but to leave things the way she found them. It was a misunderstanding, that's all - she thought it was a ghost town, and generally you don't need permission to explore in ghost towns. Your comments have been inflammatory, especially bringing it into the forum when a private, polite discussion with Pam would have been all you needed. What's done is done: while she may have been in error by not asking permission she was only seeking to share the beauty of your town with the world. If you own land in Robsart and won't allow her that, I invite you to do it yourself. Show your town as you wish it were portrayed, and correct the misconceptions about it that you find offensive.

I'm sorry for hijacking your picture, skida.

skida on August 8, 2008

I'm sorry for hijacking your picture, skida.

I happy to play host. I could do with the extra traffic. ;)

privatelandowner on August 8, 2008

Curiousity has gotten the best of me... in the pic above, what is the whole wooden thing you are leaning on, the curved part and all...?

privatelandowner on August 8, 2008

You inspired me to read Florence Abbott's story. Hardships indeed. I will even toot her horn, as she writes in a modest fashion. Small world, see I remember what is likely her son running the Robsart General store growing up. They were very good people (stock - as we would call it). The type that always had a free candy bar for the kids. And her family was one of the proud type that cared what/who ended up with their possessions they'd work so hard to build. When it come time for the 'Abbott' family to part with possessions, they approached my father to take some of their land, as he is known to be a good worker and good farmer (brag,brag). Further to this, her comments of the whitemud river (now known as frenchman river) also connects with my husband's history. I don't think she would have worked for his family directly, but the land she talks about - maybe where I am living now or close. Many of the names she did use, I have heard in passing and am sure I know their survivors. I guess this is why we are so protective of our property, it has taken alot of enduring by our families and ourselves to preserve and build. We see many newcomers to the area, but with all their money and knowledge their appreciation seems very small. Not all (newcomers) by any means, but any neglect of land/animal irritates me. I can see I will be doing much more reading on this topic.

skida on August 9, 2008

privatelandowner: The wooden thing is an curiously shaped seat placed at the top of Tarn Hows, a Lakeland beauty spot.

I initially just meant to scan quickly over Florence Abbott's story, but her "modest" style of writing made her story all so real and I was quite rapt.

I don't know the history of Robsart, but I guess with modern machinery there is less need for farm labour and subsequently the population decreases and buildings stand empty. I am glad that Florence's memories have been preserved for posterity.

Sue Allen on August 15, 2008

Very artistic indeed! (The bench, I mean....) Well done Linda:)

Kind regards, Sue

(Just been reading the above comments, you have all been very diplomatic with each other. A very different scenario to your average case of road rage, which proves what a classy group of people you are! Long live Panoramio!)

skida on August 15, 2008

Thanks Sue. Linda loves to paint and it is only recently she started taking photographs in a creative way. She definately has the "artist's eye".

H.J. van Zyl on September 24, 2008

I would say somebody openeda can of worms! This is a nice shot and to me, it could have been an extention of your beard! Well done and sorry that your spouse will take the compliment to this one! greetings from where land is more free! Johan South Africa

skida on September 26, 2008

Johan: I will pass on your compliments to Linda. The seat is the same colour as the beard!

Ghislain Bonneau on December 4, 2009

Hi skida, very nice to meet you. Greetings..GHISLAIN.☻

spuggy on December 5, 2009

Hi Ghislain! Thank you for visiting my gallery.


skida on December 5, 2009

Oops! spuggy is my good lady and I should have checked who was logged in before making comments!


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