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johnh2008 on July 19, 2008

First sight of the arrogant and giant occupying Flag of the Turks. Apparently, its now lit up at night. Its to be hoped that no planes try and land.

kimonasandrews on August 21, 2008

This is an important memorial to the men & boys of the village of Tochni in the south who were massacred by EOKA B irregulars as part of the then on-going genocidal infighting of the Cypriot Community. Nothing arrogant about it - tragic, maybe.

johnh2008 on August 22, 2008

Then why is there no massive 'Memorial' Greek flag for the Greeks who were massacred by the Turks!??. 'Small' is a Memorial....'Huge' is just Arrogant!!

kimonasandrews on August 28, 2008

There are many memorials to the dead and missing of all sectors of the Cypriot communities involved in the bitter post-independent struggles of the 60s and 70s (but they are all more discreet and tasteful than the flag). I guess the flag shown above is so large because visually it remained one of the only ways for the community to express its identity as the so called TRNC is (quite rightly in my view) not recognised by any other nations apart from Turkey. I'm sure there would be a giant Greek Flag emblazoned on a mountain if there was one near enough to the disputed territories:)

johnh2008 on August 28, 2008

I suspect that you are young and therefore relatively naive in the ways of the world...particularly in politics. You are ALMOST agreeing that the giant flag IS arrogant and that the Greek Cypriots would do the same if another mountain was nearby. I say they SHOULD. They should put an even BIGGER flag on the Troodos Mountains. However, the reason there is no Greek flag is because.... the Greek Cypriots are NOT arrogant. MAINLAND Turks have placed their national flag on Illegally OCCUPIED land and are, in effect, challenging the Greek Cypriots to do something about it. This NOT about memorial. This is blatant ARROGANCE!.

This fact will be proven when the Turks are refused entry into the EEC for not handing back the occupied territory.

kimonasandrews on August 28, 2008

Your post above couldn't be more arrogant! I am actually a well travelled, well read and well educated middle aged University Professor with a PhD in history. My first reaction to the flag when I first saw it was that it was an irrisponsible and inflamatory symbols which underlined all the terrible histories that my Greek Cypriot friends informed me of. When I actually researched the issue, however, using first hand UN accounts, eyewitness accounts and forensic archaeology (my area of expertise) I came to realise that the vast majority of Cypriots are poorly educated as to the nature of the community struggles of post independent Cyprus and it was the arrogance of the Greeks that led to the division of the island. The flag to me now symbolises the tragic mistakes of a nation that thought it was Greek, instead of realising that it could have been Cypriot.

johnh2008 on August 29, 2008

Well! I bow my head Professor. And I thought I was communicating with a starry eyed political wannabe!.

Joking apart, I can see where you are coming from and I now appreciate your comments. However, I too have researched the tragedy that befell Cyprus and all her people both Greek and Turks. I look at their history and their atrocities and all I see is another Northern Ireland, Serbia, Corsica, Palestine, Germany, Kosovo etc., etc., and more recently, Georgia. Probably, like yourself, I sit back in the comfort of my home in middle England and think all this happens to others. One day, the people of Britain will wake up and see the tragedy before it happens...and I am thinking of our 'invasion' and how similar the beginnings are. Good luck to you Professor. Maybe one day we will meet in some God forsaken piece of this planet and have a glass of wine in peace.

kimonasandrews on August 29, 2008

I actually stumbled across your photograph as it is on the road along which I commute everyday. I'm researching public opinion and awareness of Cypriot history through the media (one source of which is the internet). Clicking through the various photos in Cyprus gives a flavour of the extremes in viewpoints and undertsandings across the Green Line. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the seemingly perpetual state of animosity that various parts of Europe are involved in. The political climate here is improving slowly. It is possible to walk down Ledra street in Nicosia for the first time since 1964, and plans for the federated state and recognition of the North are in progress. Maybe we could drink that wine afterall before too long. Thank you for what turned out to be one of the more civilised exchanges in my research!

johnh2008 on August 30, 2008

I used to work for a Greek Cypriot in Manchester. He was the nicest person you could ever meet, including all his friends and relations. I promised him I would visit Cyprus one day. I am very pleased that I have fulfilled that promise and although I have only been twice up to now, we have booked another holiday there in October. If time permits, maybe we could have that drink after all!

zorcocuk on December 22, 2008

Oh God, i don't believe!!! Is this flag is arrogant? xD

johnh2008 on December 24, 2008


It is a Mainland Turkish flag blatantly advertising the fact that Turkey occupy the North of Cyprus. I was a British tourist and that is how it looks, and is! Are you from the Turkish occupied North?

take always care on August 2, 2009

I have carefully read what mr. Johnh2008 and kimonasandrews have been telling all along their conversation.

I would like to add that no other flag exists in the world like this. Proof that the Turks are unique in the way they act and the way they treat the civilization of other nations.

But talking about history, lets go back in history when during the World War II the British offered this land of Cyprus to Greece for its efforts against the common enemy. Let's also add that Cyprus was under Turkish Rule (as Greece was) during the Othoman Empire. It was only then that Turks have been establishing themeselves in Cyprus and finally consisted 18% of the population till 1974 when Turkey invaded Cyprus. Let's also put down that Cyprus bacame under British Rule after a purchase agreement with Turkey, which actually sold to the British all her interests in Cyprus. Cyprus then became o British Colony.

During the World War II, when Cyprus was offered to Greece, Turkey had no interest at all in Cyprus. After the refusal of Britain to give Cyprus to Greece, the local population in Cyprus proceeded in a VOTE for Cyprus to be united with Greece. In this VOTE almost all the Turks of Cyprus (18% of the total population at that time) voted for this unification.

I will not go into more details, but following the struggle of EOKA against the British rule, Turkey, year by year bacame more and more interested in Cyprus. The British Policy directed this interest to increase year by year. And as EOKA was fighting for unification with Greece, TMT (a Turkish organization in Cyprus) started to fight against the Greeks trying for TAXIM (division of Cyprus). At that time we have many reports of Greeks having been murdered by Turks. It was the first intercomunal conflict between Turks and Greeks in Cyprus, under the uspices of the British Policy.

In 1960, when Cyprus beaceme independent, having its own flag, was given such a regime that would increase the intercomunal conflict instead of allowing the majority to rule and the minority to control and be ruled democratically. What was the result? The conflict between the majority (Greeks) and the minority (Turks) was increasing day by day. The Turks, at the end, succeeded to enclaved themselves in an area between North of Nicosia and South of the Pendadactylos mountains, cutting off the road to Kyrenia. We used the convoys of the United Nations to go to Kyrenia and back to Nicosia at that time. Turks were armed around the road and murdered every one passing through if the United Nations were not present (convoy). Of course, although Britain was a quarantor power of the Cyprus Republic, did nothing about it! Why? Because the plan for partition of the island was just perfectly taking place little by little!

Following this help by the British, the arrogant Turks of Cyprus never agreed to solve the problem politically with the Greeks of Cyprus. Nobody knows (among the people of Cyprus) what was the actual agreement between Britain, the United States, Turkey and the Greek JUDA (the greek government at the time). Following the Greek coup in Cyprus, Turkey invated and finally devided the island on the ground.

The result? About 1600 civillians are missing persons and about 200000 people were evicted from their homes. The Turks began selling their properties to foreigners to make money, probably to cover the cost of the invasion!

Almost 30 years later the British courts decide that this actions are ellegals (Orams case: they bought property from Turks that belongs to Greeks evicted from there homes).

Three days ago there was another important case in the British Supreme Court. The ellegal regime in the occupied areas of Cyprus requested from the British Government permission for flights from the occupied airport of Tymbou (Ercian) to land in the British airports. The British Government said that they have no problem to give permission if this is legal. Finally the British Supreme Court decided that this is not legal and that the specific airport does not belong to the ellegal regime, but it belongs to the Cyprus Government. And as such, only the Cyprus Government can give this permission! Which means, that even the airport that the Turks use to land in Turkey does not belong to them but to the Cyprus Government!

Now, whether this flag is a product of arrogance or not I would say that its not only that. Its a combination of arrogance, ellegal acts, murders and an effort to steal legally the property of others, using military methods and military powers. A thing that is ashame for the civilized world which remain with full apathy for what is happening in the 21st century.

johnh2008 on December 2, 2009

In reply to hgbuka.

Most of us know that the area is a big pilgrimage site for Turkish people remembering their dead during the troubles. The area may well have had similarities (as HGBUKA says)to Sarajevo with the senseless murders of Turkish men, women and children, however, it does NOT need a HUGE Turkish flag to pinpoint the area. The Turkish military murdered many more Greek Cypriots than Greek Cypriots murdered Turkish Cypriots

The following is courtesy of Wikipedia referring to the 1974 illegal invasion by Turkey:

International pressure led to a ceasefire and at that point 37% of the land fell within the Turkish occupation zone, 180,000 Greek Cypriots were evicted from their homes in the north. At the same time around 50,000 Turkish Cypriots moved to the areas under the control of the Turkish Forces and settled in the properties of the displaced Greek Cypriots. In 1983 Turkish Cypriots unilaterally proclaimed independence, which was only recognized by Turkey. As of today, there are 1,534 Greek Cypriots[47] and 502 Turkish Cypriots[48] missing as a result of the fighting. The events of the summer of 1974 dominate the politics on the island, as well as Greco-Turkish relations. Around 150,000 settlers from Turkey are believed to be living in the north in violation of the Geneva Convention and various UN resolutions.[49][50] Following the invasion and the capture of its northern territory by Turkish troops, the Republic of Cyprus announced that all of its ports of entry in the north are closed, as they are effectively not under its control.

The flag is therefore ARROGANT!

johnh2008 on December 8, 2009

In reply to HGBUKA.

This time I am not quite sure what you are saying because the translation is not good. (see following)

"Turk is the nation did, Turk oleceksin nation! please get that rum diyari parties. Your mutlulugun sink them, you draw independence. Be better for them. Therefore can not write in their own language. powers will not know yet. is not enough for the few years since. They call themselves pro. kandirabilecekleri dusmanlarimizi they watch. This happens sometimes British, sometimes up to go gin usenmetzler french error. man, look outside, we pride ourselves on bayragimizla. Turkuz, Turku cagirirz. Dostuuza andimizi also cignemeyiz, we'll beat dusmanimiza gives a traitor. Single, surprisingly, escapes, rum to sirtimizi donmeyiz. thousand years we have good belle. innocent blood at this geographical akmadi your way. 5 'to 5' ken did not come to be 500. 10 per person, and we cringe tardim also asked oldugumuzda. tum world will be outside and EOKA layigi oldugu criminal court will take. such as Radovan Karadzic. Like all murderers."

Obviously I cannot comment on what I do not understand. I can only state that, in my opinion and many others, ...the flag is Arrogant! It does not need to be there and should be got rid of as it is a blatant insult to democracy! It certainly does not help Turkeys attempt to join the EEC.

johnh2008 on December 9, 2009


Once again the translation does not make sense.

"We are to live in Europe does not feel the need for, for translation of the programs. A day maybe century after a Turk edinebilirsen friends (that is very difficult to turn up.) describes you what it means to. i But If a very late it would be a and in this geography or came up to the place where you will be. Came up to the or what? Don't you know? I know. The same place everyone reading me like a understood. Translation yapmana there is no need for. In the world spoken 5 one of the language. The Turkish Language"

You seem to be saying that you don't feel a need to join the EEC or for the translations as Turkish is understood by everyone you know. Also, that Turkish is the number 5 language in the world and I should learn it.

I may be wrong...but if I'm not, then you have just confirmed that you are just another arrogant Turk. However, if I wrong, then you should learn to speak English.... number 2 language in the world!!. Number 1 is Mandarin (Chinese). If you must reply...reply in English!!

johnh2008 on December 11, 2009

In reply to HGBUKA

Once again the translation is crap.

"You know the media does wrong, island rum with the British, not peşkeş Attempting to withdraw. Turkey is not intended to be in the mountains, the British flag will be happy if not jealousy. you go into marriage with the British. Whole world will see the answer to the Turkish nation. Do bad translation:)

Let's look at the last photo you see is part of them, you talk about? How is a danger in the world for enosis EOKA and realize who you are?"

It seems pointless carrying on with this conversation as we both don't know what we are replying to. I am quite happy for YOU to have the last word. Mine is this,.....The UNNECESSARY and HUGE Turkish flag painted (and lit up at night) on the mountain overlooking Nicosia, in my opinion and nearly everyone elses...IS ARROGANT!! I will not reply to YOUR final comment!. Goodbye.

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