Dead Climber on Everest

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Norbert Burgener on March 16, 2007

So ein Foto darf nicht veröffentlicht werden.Schade!

Martyhead on March 16, 2007

Was auch immer Dandy.

gigi0860 on August 13, 2007

I saw this picture on TV before, sad...

gregpphoto on September 25, 2007

his hand appears skeletonized, which is strange. The slopes of Himalayan mountains are very cold and dry and devoid of most wildlife, theres no reason it should decompose.

gregpphoto on October 6, 2007

i still want to know why its decomposed. Ive seen photos and heard stories of death on himalayan mountains, and the body is preserved, much like a woolly mammoth locked in ice.

mchersh on October 7, 2007

Thats freakin' badass!

whangavagis on October 10, 2007

his hand may have have been skalitanized becouse of the lack of oxygen. to body will eat itself if there is no oxygen in the air. especially in the dead zone.

Lecleire Jacques on October 20, 2007

Ich bin ganz still beim sehen von dass Bild. I dont now what to say looking of that picture.... Poor man.

clairecab on November 5, 2007

yes yes i agree with all of you guys but i was there and he is wearing a skeleton glove i am quite sad of his for him i made it to the top

gregpphoto on November 11, 2007

a skeleton glove? what is that?

The body will begin to consume itself in a rarified atmosphere, mostly above 26,000 feet, but when he body dies, that consumption ends and the body is highly preserved due to such a cold, dry environment.

So you made it to the summit of Everest? were you on an expedition as a client?

cabclaire on November 26, 2007

no, i am a sherpa, i live in Nepal year around,his glove was made to look like a skeleton hand. Last week his body was eaten by a pack of wolverines. I climb to the summit of everest 3 times a gives me that rush of excitement!!

gregpphoto on November 29, 2007

how high up on the mountain was he when he perished?

cabclaire on November 30, 2007

He made it about ten feet from the summit and then was a sad, tragic freak accident.he was a good man

gregpphoto on November 30, 2007

he made it 10 feet from the summit and fell to his death or fell where he lay? Cuz the summit ridge is a few hundred feet, but if you simple slipped and fell, its not always steep enough to send you sliding down over the edge.

butterbean on December 21, 2007

please! summit three times a week? skeleton glove? pack of wolverines? thanks for the laugh!

IceMan2008 on June 2, 2008

All jokes aside... If you look at the head, you can see a line where the skullcap ends, and the black skin begins. Climbers wear a tight fitting skull cap or hood which traps air next to their skin. His hands may in fact be wearing gloves; many climbers wear very thin gloves, of silk or nylon, then heavier gloves, then mittens on top. The thin gloves allow for the changing of O2 cylinders, cooking, etc. The skin of his face is black from gangrene. He seems to be too high for the Goraks to feed on him, however, it may be out of season for them. Notice the fixed rope just beyond his body. The rocks look like the ancient limestone of the Himalayas; and the sky is the dark color you see above 8000 meters.

Rebecca1naz on June 13, 2009

I agree with IceMan2008..jokes aside this poor soul pershied up there...Clairecab knows what is going on, and to butterbean, you are clueless to moutaineering, you comment shows that...sherpas can summit 2xday etting up camps & with client's, and they are the one's who set up all higher camps up the mountain,and are seldom acknowledged for their work and effort, for without the noone woul dget up the mountain !!! Now butterbean, you should not comment on things you know nothing of, also too if you watch Discovery Channels Everest Beyond the Limit '06 you will see this image as well, when a guy named Tim is suffering from summit fever...does you no good if you get to the top & can't make it down, but once he saw this poor soul he knew the advice to turn around was correct,and sound all of the souls who have perished above 8000m know you are forever in true climbers hearts FOREVER and we all shall meet again at the end of life's last day...forever in our hearts & memories

PatandFi on April 21, 2010

It may interest you to know this man is Marko Lihteneker, a Slovenian mountaineer who died on the mountain in May 2005 after a problem with his oxygen. He'd been on the mountain about a year when this picture was taken. You'll find some more information here: and a touching tribute from his widow here:

I've seen this photo in many places on the internet but I haven't seen him identified anywhere. I thought I should put a person and a name to this picture.

PatandFi on April 21, 2010

Oh and cabclaire is making it up. Nobody goes up Everest two or three times a week. And there aren't any wolverines on Everest! Oh, and if you read the reports it seems no-one knows whether he summitted or not.

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