Station Approach shops in 1973? Thats the Craven Bakery in the center.

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David Brown Photogra… on August 12, 2008

I am pretty sure this is within a twenty mile range of Ashford (Middlesex) but it is bugging me. Can anyone help me locate it, as you can see it was taken a while ago.

Matsav on January 26, 2009

I'm fairly sure this is in Hampton, Middlesex. Job's Dairy certainly served that area. A quick Google search shows that the Lloyds Bank that can be seen in the middle distance could be the one at 3, Bridge Parade. The three shops on the left foreground, F.G. Martin, Ellis & Co, and an unknown in the centre - possibly a butcher, baker, or a chip shop, are in Station Approach, Hampton - the photographer is standing looking North-West from Ashley Road.

David Brown Photogra… on January 26, 2009

Matsav your efforts are both brilliant and much appreciated. Given that we lived in Hampton about this time and her indoors has been saying Hampton all along, I am inclined to believe you.....

..... except that according to Multimap the bank is in a residential neighborhood. Look at the roof lines, they don't exist in that sequence anywhere within 20 miles of Hampton (or at least near a present day Lloyds). I have searched on F G Martin and Ellis & Co and find no convergence. I have tried all the enhancement tricks I know on the shop in the middle entitled The C^&$%£(^%)$$% which I cannot decipher to save my life.

I thinks its all been knocked down to make way for a shopping mall. I shall move the marker and see what happens next. If I get no ideas I shall just have to come over there and scout it out for myself (when it warms up a bit!)


Greetings from North Carolina

Matsav on January 28, 2009

OK, I've been down and taken a look at the road in Hampton, in daylight. Usually, I see it in the dark, when I visit a local pub - the Railway Bell.

It most definitely is Hampton, Middlesex. The shop in the middle is The Cavan Bakery. A friend of mine works there - although I'd forgotten about that! Whilst I was taking some pictures on my mobile 'phone (I'll upload them later!), she was waving at me from inside! In 1973, she was a "Saturday Girl" at the bakery!

Tudor Road runs alongside the chemist, F.G. Martin. It's still a chemist shop, although now it's part of a chain. Today, To the right of the bakery is an off-licence (liquor store).

The distinctive street lamp standards are still in place, although they now have different heads, and the crossing poles are still painted with white stripes!

Matsav on January 28, 2009

OK, I've uploaded some 'photos. Go take a look at this 'photo to see the same scene today.

The trees are very distinctive as well. It's probably these, plus the curve in the road, and the concrete lamp standards that made it so recognisable.

Lloyds bank have moved "next door" since your 'photo was taken, and the roof lines have indeed changed a little - but not much. Multimap is correct - these shops are in the middle of a residential area. The windows above the shops are also quite distinctive, although some of them have been replaced since your 'photo, but they retain the original ratio and number of panes.

I'm not a Hampton resident, but I am "local" - living in Feltham, working in Teddington.

denwatts on July 4, 2009

100% this is Hampton. I grew up here and lived within 100 yards of the location from 1964-70. Very fond memories of the sweet shop just out of shot to right. My school is 150 metres behind the camera! Nice to see a photo of what my home town was like when I was 8/9 years old!

David Brown Photogra… on July 5, 2009

I am 100% sure you are correct Denwatts and like you I also love to see old pictures of areas that are familiar in the present day.

I am saying this is 1973 but it could easily be 1974.

Go safely old chap!

pedrocut on August 26, 2009

Hello again Jethro

Thanks for the link. I enjoy reading commentaries like this, and to see how places have changed.

I wish Panoramio would bring back the Tags! But now I will have a gander at your photos of Old England!

Best Wishes Peter

mrstonespy13 on May 18, 2010

You guys are great, I quite enjoy exchanges like here on Panoramio - we can all help solve our little mysteries and stuff, great ! I love it. I got on Google St View myself and visited the spot, problem solved !! I believe camera settings can distort scenes in many instances and over a period of time they may look slightly different !!

David Brown Photogra… on May 18, 2010

Google Street View? Its on Google? That's amazing I never thought they'd get the big American Google car through these back streets!


Just kidding Mrstonespy - thanks for your kind words and let me go check out Google now.

Frank Photos on July 7, 2011

I grew up a couple of streets away from where this photo was taken (that Job's milk float almost certainly delivered my gold top) and attended the school just round the corner where we were taught how to spell "centre" and "travelling". :-)

David Brown Photogra… on July 7, 2011

Excellent to know Frank

About what era - was it at this kinda time (1973)?

With regard to your quaint and ancient spelling - what can I say? Also, I would be interested to learn how you (mis)pronounce Job

As a northern git, I pronounced it Job but my sarvern mates called it Jobe ! They cited the bible as evidence (which sounds like I'm back in the Republican, bible belt of the USA again). Which only goes to show!


I am glad you found this picture of value and the chat of some merit. Thank you again for the exchange Jethro

Frank Photos on July 28, 2011

Well, I remember those "modern" conical fluorescent street lamps going up - replacing the old ornate iron ones which had a single incandescent bulb. This certainly places it around 1970. The 'Budgen' model of milk float appeared around 1965. All in all I'd say 1973 was a perfectly believable date. And yes, "Job's Dairy" was and is definitely pronounced as in the Hebrew name and not as in "Steve Jobs". Apparently they still exist: They might even be interested in your photo. Further dating evidence is offered by the bright turquoise building on the left which I believe changed from being a Barclays to a Lloyds bank (and thus stopped being that colour) in the early '70s (although I was a bit young to worry about such things at the time so don't quote me). Frank.

Frank Photos on July 30, 2011

I have raided the archive and dug out some pictures I took when visiting the 'old town' back in 2002. I shall probably add these to GoogleEarth at some point but for now here are some links: It seems I was after all slightly confused about the Barclays - it just vanished and Lloyds was the next door building. Frank.

David Brown Photogra… on July 30, 2011

Wonderful Frank I like them all and the view south from railway bridge just teases me with what left and whats right

Don't worry 'bout the bank! My memory is worse than yours.



aceminty on January 15, 2014

The Ellis off licence on the corner of Tudor Drive was run by my father for most of the seventies,and me and my twin brother used to spend loads of to e running amok around Hampton. I remember that just over the railway bridge there used to be a small reservoir,which is now all grassed over and is the village green.

David Brown Photogra… on January 24, 2014

Thank you Aceminty I have a B&W photo of the green as it was being filled in and grassed. Your excellent comment might make me post it...... one day. :-)

Post some pictures soon.

Many thanks


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