Flight 93 Memorial Crash Site Buckstown Pennsylvania

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wendycarlson on May 17, 2007

let't pray for all of those who lost loved one on that tragic day back in september 2001. when all of us had no idea of what was about to happen and yet we the brave soles. and now we need to thank God we have a country that still believes in freedom and humanity.. now lets pary for and stand by all of the men and weman of our armed forces that make our everyday lives possible may god bless everyone even if you don't believe.. wlc

©Würmer on August 6, 2007

bah! let's stop wasting money and lifes and get those troops out of the Middle East (and back into schools where most of them belong). Let's stop doing all this useless and annoying security shit at airports, and trust that passengers will toss any S.O.B. that tries such cowardly shit again out of the airplane! Arm every boarding passenger, if that fails...

dallas1959 on August 6, 2007

They'll find a way to cause some damage again with or with out aircraft. Our borders are extremely porous. Here's an example:

Texas Border

Suggestion that we are to blame for 9/11, 7/7 and so on is false. Wars over religion are being fought all across the globe. Millions are suffering in Africa over the forced belief in certain deities. The World has gotten smaller on the communication/travel scale. Countries that were once ignored because of distance are now face to face with other Societies. Ways of living that were once a mystery are now up front and accessible for examination and comparison.

A theocracy is not one in which I wish to live in. They are usually oppressive and forced belief in any deity in my opinion is a violation of ones human rights. Certain Middle Eastern countries are now faced with the choice of changing their Societies from theocracies to more secular societies. My fear is that these certain theocracies will turn even more in on themselves and become totalitarian much like North Korea.

geckoubok on September 21, 2008

The only good thing which has come out of all of this is that we as Americans were shaken out of our somnabulistic state of being and this nation became united as Americans and politicized. Americans now care about political issues which we face, and more people feel like they can make a difference. One person caring about humanitarian issues ripples out and affects many more. We are angry, not only that lives were lost, (both here and in the middle east) but also that we, the people, have never been given an explanation of why we were attacked in the first place. Why does Al Qaeda hate the US in the first place? This has been the unanswered question. We, as the American public, do not wish to interfere in their culture. We only wish to live in peace. Attacking Iraq is a move on our govt.'s part which has baffled many Americans, and now we are angry at our own govt. for placing us in further jeopardy with their rash actions.

gibbyboy15 on June 24, 2012

Did you actually walk up to the crash site?

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