America's Greatest Failure, Falls Road

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jerrydm1 on September 1, 2007

I find things like this very offensive. America has pulled Europe out of two world wars and this is the thanks we get. Europe has turned out to be some of the biggest cowards on earth. If America doesn't get some support soon all of Europe will face Meca every afternoon.

MattBlom on October 18, 2007

Wow..Amazing art piece.

My $.02 Bigotry and Overgeneralizations is what got us into this mess...

I dislike hypocrisy and violence...and that's why I'm pretty squarely opposed to both the acts of Osama Bin Laden and George W. Bush A terrorist is a terrorist..whether lobbing a bomb, or sitting in the whitehouse

Marcelo Parise Petaz… on March 3, 2008

Congratulations Asahel, Wonderfull shot!! This graffiti talks about the future! Tks.

fecrisaadet on March 17, 2008

conglations asahel perfect photo.... thanks teşekkürler şükran

erinjoy777 on March 27, 2009

right on jerrydm1. If America hadn't helped Ireland out of the wars, they would not have the freedom to post "art" such as this. Show some respect to a country to has helped more countries gain freedom and progress than any other. Yes, lives have been sacrificed, but many AMERICAN lives were sacrificed as well. Don't forget that.

DeargDoomUladh on March 30, 2009

I can't barely believe the staggering arrogance of the previous messages.

America has NEVER helped Ireland out of any war. During the First World War Ireland was still part of the British Empire, it was halfway through the war, rebels attempted to seize power in Dublin, with weapons purchased from Germany prior to the war. Their slogan was 'We serve neither King nor Kaiser but Ireland.' During the Second World War, Ireland took a neutral stance in relation to the war, in a clear signal to England of it's independence and unwillingness to tow the line. (That said, it DID co-operate much more freely with British and Americans shot down over Irish territory, sending them to the North of Ireland and back into the war, while interning Nazi POWS)

This painting is from the Nationalist side of Northern Ireland. The painting isn't anti-American, it opposes America's imperialist actions and motivations in going to war. In doing so America sent the same soldiers onto the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan that were on the streets of Northern Ireland in the 70s-90s. Now we are dealing with cases of prisoner abuse, collusion between troops and death squads, the murder of innocents by soldiers and allegations of spying on politicians. We're beginning to see the same issues arise now in the Middle East.

I presume your referring to the 9/11 attacks that led to the sacrifice of American lives? Or the soldiers dying daily far from home? 9/11 was committed in response to the stationing of US troops on Saudi soil. Your soldiers are dying daily because your occupying a foreign country. Perhaps a change in your countries foreign policy would make a change, rather than arrogance and a demand that other countries bow down and 'respect' you.

Incidently, Nationalists in Northern Ireland post 1945 didn't have the freedom to paint these sort of slogans. It was illegal to even raise the flag they considered their own (The Irish tri-colour) I didn't see America rushing to their freedom. It was upon the people themselves to take that freedom. The Civil Rights movement providing a moral argument to argue this and unfortunately the violence of the Republican movement to safeguard this freedom.

JJmMmJJ on June 9, 2009

DeargDoomUladh Thumps Up ... please teach them Some History, Americans are so closed-minded, they only remember when they r hurt, but they would never look at how they r harming others ...they believe they are the 911 of the world "no wonder why the world is going down".... would They ever learn from their mistakes?? they've already forgotten about their history with blacks and red Indians....then Vietnam,Hiroshima.... now Iraq and Afghanistan....God knows who is next.... still they think they r heroes..."THANK YOU AMERICA FOR SAVING THE WORLD" .. pity

linkenhouzer on February 13, 2010

Hmm... Ok DeargDoomUladh... I find your view of America funny, and your assessment of our knowledge of history strikingly off the mark.

First if America never "gave" anything to Ireland were a true fact, the you would have to remove Eamon de Velera from your histories, for Valera was born in New York City. Raised and educated in America. His mom was from New Mexico.

Secondly, Valera and Collins extorted New York bankers to fund their purchases of German guns (the only country under League of Nations rules that willing broke the pact to not send arms to Ireland, though the U.S. sent a lot of money). Without this financial backing the money that bought those German guns wouldn't be there.

And lastly the US turned a blind eye to the Irish invasion of Canada after the Revolutionary War. Allowing the Irish to cross the state of New York to launch an attack against the British stationed in Niagara.

Take those three things into account. I'd say America has contributed significantly to your freedom, and the freedom you had to post such a comment. And for JJmMmJJ who thinks Americans are all ignorant to the rest of the world, and that we should absolve ourselves from our sins. Then maybe we should have left Hitler to only the British to deal with. But then what do I, a stupid American, know?

linkenhouzer on February 13, 2010

And by the way, Europeans and others the world over tend to forget that Americans are only displaced peoples from other countries. My ancestors came from Germany and Ireland. My grandmother was "off the boat" Irish, came here when she 5 or 6. Before she died I asked her if she remembered living in Ireland and what she remembered of it. She said that she was never happier to leave such a pigsty of a country and that she was happy to have everything that she did have, which wasn't much at all, that she wouldn't have be able to have there.

chriscolombus on May 23, 2011

Wow, a lot of discussion here about history. However I think the point of the mural is to show the current state of the US (since there are a lot of countries in "America"), which is one TOTALLY corrupted by politicians and corporations.

Paul HART on October 26, 2011


chrmt on August 26, 2012

great composition, 1 like

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