St Patricks Cathedral, Parramatta adorned by the Christmas Tree in full bloom

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Marcello Mento on October 29, 2008

Good composition, beautiful colours. Ciao

Ghiocela on October 29, 2008

Beautiful image, Ian! I like warm light that enveloped the atmosphere! It hear songs and carols for Christmas!! Best wishes, Simona

Ian Stehbens on October 30, 2008

Thank you very much, Marcelo. I saw this and just had to go home and come back with the camera. I knew I wanted to use the delightful pink colours of the Christmas Tree and the pinks in the stained glass window to make this night view come alive. The challenge (as I refuse to use a tripod) was to find a firm base in the right place for the camera - the top of the gate was perfect!

This warm orange glow is perfect to enhance the sandstone of the old part of the cathedral, Simona. And when the Christmas Tree is in bloom here we know that Christams is approaching. Ring the bells, ring the bells! Sing of peace. Give loving kindness to everyone!

Loving greetings and peace to you and your households,


jeff_msn123 on October 30, 2008

Hi Ian

You are very good photographer. Your photo has high hit rate.

Please join the SAVE OUR PLANET campaign

You simply add the word "Save our Planet" into your uploaded photos.

Thank you very much.

Cheers, Jeff

Ian Stehbens on October 30, 2008

Thank you Jeff for your visit and invitation. I have a strong commitment to and involvement in environmental awareness, education and action and I endorse and encourage the Save Our Planet campaign that you and Kostas and others have commenced.

Best wishes,


jeff_msn123 on October 31, 2008


I agreed the move and promote it. I am not the initiator.

Best regards, Jeff

Ed. Rodríguez Prati on October 31, 2008

Very beautiful shot Ian, light is wonderful and you selected a perfect point of view. You have many new photos so I'll visit them on week- end. Best wishes, Edmundo

Tom Lussier Photogra… on October 31, 2008

Excellent night capture Ian. The detail and colour you've captured are very good. I love the detail on those front doors. Amazing craftsmanship. Not using a tripod can handcuff you but this composition worked out very nicely having included the fence in the lower right. It adds extra dimension to the image. Nice work.

Best regards, Tom

P.S. I captured this by placing my camera on a trashcan(!) so...who needs a tripod?! :)

Ian Stehbens on November 1, 2008

Dear Edmundo,

I appreciate your encouragement very much. You will realize, I am sure, that this is the same cathedral that we have discussed previously. You have heightened my interest in it and appreciation of it so much. Thanks indeed. I trust you will enjoy the other uploads, too.

Kind regards,


Ian Stehbens on November 1, 2008

Hi Tom,

I anticipated that you would select this to respond, so I am very pleased that you did. It was the light that was so important to record, so I naturally thought of you.

May I discuss the tripod issue, with you? Your Colorado image for which you used a trash can, is a quality image, too.

I am not sure what others may think of my not using a tripod, but tentatively I admit that I have adopted the position as a matter of creativity or art. I think that if I were to use a tripod, I have too much control, and then I miss the serendipity that is there. I'd rather be receiving an image than taking a shot at a subject, if you know what I mean. I have very much enjoyed my night photography and feel that I have had some success, whether it is under the harbour bridge in a storm using a street bollard or in Hyde Park looking up at Sydney Tower with the camera held against a crooked tree trunk. I think that it makes me see my environment differently, rather than me arriving and being able to set up a tripod and ignore the immediate environment. You probably use a tripod soemtimes and on other occasions improvise, and if so do you feel differently from one situation to the other. You are an artist, so I am interested in your thoughts and experiences.



Ian Stehbens on November 1, 2008

P.S. Tom,

In regard to the craftsmanship in the doors, tow things: You amaze me that you have studied the image that closely, so here is the link to the photo of a pair of the doors of St Patrick's Cathedral, for your interest.

Sincere regards,


Tom Lussier Photogra… on November 3, 2008

Hey Ian. I am a firm believer that any "serious" photographer should have and use a tripod. I carry a tripod in my truck and it goes were I go. When traveling I carry a tripod as well. Having said that I often times leave it in the truck(gasp) when I'm shooting. The lighting, and what I anticipate capturing, really dictates that decision. Sometimes I'm dissappointed that I've left it but more often I don't miss it. These days the high ISO performance of cameras is so good you can shoot most scenes handheld. And in a pinch proped on something. My comfort level is not as high when I do so but a quick look at the LCD usually alieves me of worry. The one thing I have found when using a tripod is I'll take extra time composing shots. This is an advantage as often times I'll look at an image later on the computer and wonder "Why did I include that in the image?" or "Why didn't I zoom in on that?" etc. What I'm saying is using a tripod does makes me think more about the composition. Sometimes spontaneity is a good thing, sometimes not. I prefer handholding but I realize that most professionals use a tripod for a reason(s). I don't feel any less an artist when I use a tripod. Hope that answers some of your question.

All the best from The States, Tom

Ian Stehbens on November 7, 2008

I really do appreciate your thoughts, your advice and the time you have taken to repond, Tom. I wonder what Christmas might bring into my stocking?


victorlisa on December 2, 2008

we like the warm light from this picture Ian, Merry Christmas for you and Margareth.victor lisa bali

Ian Stehbens on December 3, 2008

Dear Lisa and Victor,

Thank you for your Christmas Greetings and we send our very warm wishes and love to you both. Whenever you see images of Parramatta now you will immediately remember the wonderful times we have had together here as well as rejoice that we have both been with you in Bali a number of times now..

I look forward to hearing of your moves in regard to the peacebuilding course, for I would love to support you in organizing and running it. It will be most strategic for eastern Indonesia!!

Grace and peace,

Ian & Margaret

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