mb - Back in Winter in Switzerland - 01. Nov. 2008 - Schweiz im Winterkleid

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Margrit M. Berger (S… on November 11, 2008

Gabi, thanks a lot! Greetings, May

Erik van den Ham on November 11, 2008

“Switzerland is simply a large, lumpy, solid rock with a thin skin of grass stretched over it.”

By:Mark Twain

Think Mark was wrong,...rock with a beautiful carpet of snow!

Liebe Grüße, Erik

Margrit M. Berger (S… on November 11, 2008

LOL, Erik! Thanks a lot! I love him. That's also from Mark Twain I'll try to capture that face of the Jungfau (virgin) next time, when I am closer to it and at the right time. ;)

Liebe Grüsse auch dir, May

Minka Tsoneva (Mimip… on December 1, 2008

Why don't you put this photo for voting May? I liked the first time I saw it! Sorry!

Regards, Mimi

mimipet's greeting

Margrit M. Berger (S… on December 2, 2008

Mimi, thanks for visiting and your comments! So sorry, everybody can do as he/she wishes, but I am NOT interested in contests at all. I have often told before and to many people, having been invited to vote for them, that I haven't taken part in contests neither actively nor passively, nor will I do so in future.

Of what I observed, voting here has too often not to do with quality, there are no criterias. It's often simply a hunt after votes and a more or less hidden "I voted for you, will you please vote for me". Some seem to produce them in series, with the only text: "Voted!" and in blue "My contest". Sometimes it seems, they didn't even look at the photos.

I have seen some photos, which I think are nice or even very nice - but I don't think they are the best of Panoramio. Imo I would never dare to say, which one is the best, because I would certainly be unjust to many others, whose photos are of high quality. In fact, the really good photos aren't on contest.

My best wishes and good luck, May

Minka Tsoneva (Mimip… on December 2, 2008

Hi May!

Thanks for all your kind answer and for the time to write it. I am absolutely agree with you. Of course everybody is free to to make his own choices and reading this you write here makes me to realize the truth! I noticed already in last passed contests that there are pictures without any quality but with the price that they won.

I am agree with you that the way to choice which picture to win is not good at all and it is not the best way to win one picture with a bad quality. In the practice it is enough to go and disturb people to go and vote for your pictures.

Like one of the moderators in this web site this makes me to think to write to the owners to think about to change the way of contest pictures. I am not sure that I could change the way of contest but I will try at least. In past when I still have not been a moderator I made some suggestion about some changes in Panoramio but they even did not answered me.

For now I support the contest and I am in but what will I do in the future we will see. BTW, if you noticed I am voting for pictures of others but I have never write under the comments to go and vote my pictures. I too don't like it at all and if somebody wish to do it he is absolutely free. The only one thing I put under my comments is the link to my web site because if somebody wish to visit my country and to see some pictures I think my web site is a good place to get some information. I even am offering to help people who needs with some information about my country for free.

With all my best wishes to you also, Mimi

mimipet's greeting

lynnne on December 2, 2008

cant u feel that santa close will soon pass by this place :) far from the votting & contest thing.....admiring art has nothing to do with being the best, its a plaisur by itself. i think, in panoramio, its a way to see what criteria the members use to judge the other's pictures.... maryline

Margrit M. Berger (S… on December 3, 2008

Mimi, thanks for your comment. First of all, I didn't mean your website, you have done a great job on it with all this information about your beautiful country. If ever I go to Bulgaria, I'll look for informations there or ask you directly. :)

As I said, I don't care about any contests and for that matter again, everybody can and shall do as he/she wishes. But since you asked me to put this photo on contest, I have given you a reason, why I don't join them.

Maybe the following suggestions might help for an improvement, if...

...people had to write a short note, why a photo has been voted for.

...people aren't allowed to vote for their own photos.

...comments with voting spam would be deleted.

Of course I know that neither of those suggestions can or will be realized - so this votomania will go on, I guess. ;)

To something else. Since you are a moderator at Panoramio, I wonder if you can find out, why 24 of my photos still haven't been checked yet, they are partly from last year! The link will lead you to the description.

Best wishes to you, May

Minka Tsoneva (Mimip… on December 5, 2008

Dear May, thanks for all this explanation! You were not obligated to do it! I respect the rights of everybody to do what he/she wish to do. So, no problems at all and you should be sure I will remember this case with you.

About voting I have some ideas now and I will get also your opinion and soon I will write a mail who I should do it. But we should know and remember that this is not our web site and we cannot do almost any changes here (we even don't pay to have a space here!). A few months ago I already had some ideas to improve this web site and wrote my suggestion but nobody answered me. So, you see..

I had some problem with some photo of Look Around some time ago. I wrote about it, nobody answered me but some more time after I saw the problem was resolve. So, sometimes it needs patience!

Maybe I forgot to notice that I am moderator only in Bulgarian forum mainly. So as a moderator only in the forum I cannot do so much here.

But I opened and checked all your photos in the forum you say that they have not yet been reviewed! And yes, photos from

19., 30. & 31. 01. 2008 ; 02., 03., 09. & 12. 02. 2008. ; 27. 05. 2008. & 12. 07. 2008.

have not been reviewed, it is true! But you could delete at least these photos which have been reviewed!

I was thinking about what can be the reason these photos have not been reviewed. And decided to check also my photos. I usually check all my photos when I put them in Panoramio! And I found only one of my photos which was still not mapped! But I noticed that Panoramio don't accept the map sometimes! (Remember it!) I mapped this photo now and I saw that it changed the text under Unmapped photos are not selected for Google Earth! with the text This photo have not yet been reviewed!

This makes me to think that these photos you are speaking about have not yet been reviewed! maybe at the beginning were not mapped by you. Then these photos passed selection of accepting or not and you mapped them just after this. And now how much time it will need to check these your photos I don't know. But I could advise you to write to the owners of the site. Hope they can read your mail and to make this problem in the list to check these photos again.

Hope this will help to check your photos soon!

My best wishes to you May,


mimipet's greeting

Minka Tsoneva (Mimip… on December 5, 2008

You already got the 200 view of this photo by me and the Best of!

Best wishes, Mimi

Margrit M. Berger (S… on December 5, 2008

Mimi, thank you very much for the Y* and best of!

Thank you also for answering! Just don't take the trouble. I can always upload those photos somewhere else. Just a word to the remark, that we don't pay. That's true, we don't pay any money, but Panoramio or Google wouldn't let us have this space, if they didn't profit in one or other way of many beautiful photos, like for example as publicity in other websites. See here and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There are some of my best photos and of others as well, that's only one example of many others and no one asked me, so I think we did our share for the "free" space. Best wishes and thanks again, May

Minka Tsoneva (Mimip… on December 8, 2008

May, I think it is useless to discuss this. The site is on this way and we cannot do anything. If we put pictures here means that we are agree in this way and if we are not agree we are not obligated to be here.

At the end I think that Panoramio and Google Earth are the right place to present our countries on the world! So why I am doing the best of me to show good pictures of Bulgaria with a few information about the places I show here.

So May the choice is yours! And I should say that also that you have very good pictures here with a good quality! I saw also pictures under the link. They are very nice and I see that they are not anonymous but there is also your name.

And just for your information I will let you know that for 2 years I know 17 of my pictures from my web site (the best of them) are staying in one web site of my native city without my permission, without a link to my web site and more the logo www.mimipet.com is cut from the pictures. I was very angry! I wrote many mails to one young guy to put at least originals from my web site with a link to my web site. He is answering me in his site with one very brutal and rough language so at the end I stopped to have any correspondence with him. All my comments in his site were canceled and now he is not answering to my mails. What I should do if people and rough, brutal and without anything in their heads!?! It is useless I think to go to..

So, take ti easy May! I hope to see more and more of your beautiful pictures here!

My best wishes to you, Mimi

mimipet's greeting

Margrit M. Berger (S… on December 8, 2008

Mimi, I don't understand your excitement. I asked you not to bother. It's not worth the trouble. I am not angry at all that they have lent my photos to the campingsites, I only mentioned it because you told me about the free space we get. So just forget about it, don't worry and let's enjoy the advent. :)

Best wishes, May

Minka Tsoneva (Mimip… on December 8, 2008

May, I am not excited at all, you should be sure. I was just thinking that there is something which is bothering you. Howsoever better to stop discuss this here because from the historical point of view of internet I clearly know that this space is the good one to born misunderstandings I don't wish at all.

Did you prepare your picture? I did it but I still should think about to describe this you will see on the picture! It is one very, very old Bulgarian tradition and I think it exists only in my native country Bulgaria!

Get some smiles from sunny Torino, Mimi :-)

mimipet's greeting

Margrit M. Berger (S… on December 8, 2008

Mimi, no I haven't prepared anything yet für the 25th, I am just letting surprise myself during the next few days :) I look forward seeing your lovely Christmas card from Bulgaria.

Best wishes from cold Switzerland, May

Sebastian Bollea on March 28, 2010

IMPRESIONANTE, una bellisima foto de un paisaje mas bello.

Saludos desde Argentina


Va a favoritos y a the best

♫ Swissmay 2 on March 30, 2010

Muchas gracias, Sebastián por il tuo comentario y que tomas la foto a tus favoritos y el 'BO'! Eres muy amable!

Saludos, May

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