Mount Watkins at Mirror Lake

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Chip Stephan on April 5, 2007

May 12, 2001

Chip Stephan on April 29, 2007

Thanks for the comment, Mick (and sorry about getting your name wrong). I'm anxious to see more of your stuff.

Vasco Pires on May 24, 2007

Great again! And what about those beautifull landscapes on uncle Sam's land

Vasco Pires on May 25, 2007

Well chip, I came to the conclusion that I can't use the x-3d way, and I've been using the wall-eye method all along, what happens is that the majority of your X-3d photos still work in a limited way in wall-eye method and become very alike my own photos, so still looking go to me...

Now, I downloaded some photos of you and switched the pictures position, and it was like... WOW!! THIS is a 3D shot!! :) mine are just shadows of that quality.

So now that I'm awake to the 3D world I've got a huge dilemma: Either I download and switch ALL your X-3d photos in order to see them properly, or I learn to use the X-3d method, wich I would prefer as I understand it gives the possibility of seeing bigger 3d photos

Chip Stephan on May 25, 2007

I saw in your later comment that you'd learned to used both X-eye and wall-eye to see 3d. I say again, you're very lucky to be able to do both. Most folks can't.

Vasco Pires on May 26, 2007

Well, wall-eyed method is not that difficult, I could easily explain you how to do it. Yet, it's very limited when compared with x-eyed.

It only allows to see pictures of a very reduced size, so it really isn't relevant. Once I started to use x-3d method I rarely use the other anymore.

Chip Stephan on May 26, 2007

Thanks, Vasco. Despite its limitations, I'd like to learn how to see stereo wall-eyed. So how do you do it?

Vasco Pires on May 27, 2007

First thing chose an image quite small in your screen like the medium image of my family in the garden, thats an easy one

Ok, Can you still remember the first time you used x-3d method? Now you do it without even a blink but back then you had to focus your eyes in a point closer than the screen right? i front of your nose

Now, for the wall eye method you have to focus you eyes as if your looking at the infinite, you know, just as those moments when you are face to face with someone but with your mind elsewhere, you focus the infinite and the persons image splits in two...

ok, same here, when the pictures start to split (But in this case the pictures split to the right and not to the left as in the X-3d) you have to start controling the process and try to put the left image exactly in front of the right one creating a middle image that when they match creates the 3d effect.

To be easier, pick the face of the first guy on the left (the left picture's face, and try to coincide it with the same face on the right picture, when toy are able to that the 3dr dimension will start to pump out

(you will see only 3 images, the left, the right and the middle one that makes the 3d effect)

Hope I made myself clear :) Good look

Chip Stephan on May 27, 2007

Thanks, Vasco. That's similar to the way I used to look at those "dot-pictures" that were so popular a few years ago. I was able to resolve one or two of them by bringing them close to my face, than slowly moving them away until something popped into view. I haven't been able to do it with side-by-side photos. I have a tough time focusing on infinity when looking at something.

Vasco Pires on May 27, 2007

Well, have you managed it? If you didn't you're not loosig much, as I said the P-3D is very limited, only allows to see relatively small pictures. I can see pictures in full screen with X-3d, it's a lot better

Chip Stephan on May 27, 2007

I tried. I've got a bunch of prints made for a loreo viewer, and I tried with them, but I couldn't do it. I don't feel too bad about it, I didn't expect to be able, since I've tried before without success.

To make up for it I just posted a few anaglyphs - in fact, A-3d versions of most of the X-3d pictures I have already posted.

Vasco Pires on May 27, 2007

God! I'm never tired of looking at this photo, one of the best I've seen Ever! I will set as my desktop background for a while :p

Volkan Yuksel on June 4, 2007

Chip great 3D. I wonder how did I miss this master piece? :) Take care, Volkan

Chip Stephan on June 5, 2007

Thanks, Volkan. I like this one myself.

Asbjørn999 on August 13, 2007

An impressing 3D-view! Specially vhen viewed at full size! By my opinion it is better than using anaglyph since you do not need any glasses, but you need some practice to manage it at full size.


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