ENGINE 119. "Elizabeth" Built for Houston & Texas Central Railroad in April 1892 by the Cooke Locomotive & Machine Company, Patterson, New Jersey. When Doc Holliday left Georgia, he arrived in Dallas, Texas in September, 1873 aboard the Houston & Texas Central Railroad.

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Jean Gregory Evans on December 13, 2008

MaryAlice, so there you have it. Jim confessed. Can you believe it? ;-)


Jim Evans (AXOTA) on December 13, 2008

Greetings all. Just picking up on that point that **JAZZ* made regarding the Last Train to San Fernando. I am reminded of a popular song of that name written and performed by Johny Duncan and the Blue Grass Boys many years ago. The genre of music was known as SKIFFLE HERE

I have no idea what sound is being played here because my sound card has just broke !! There's loads of stuff about The b Blue Grass Boys on the net. I wonder what the connotation of GRASS was, way back then ???


Jim Evans (AXOTA) on December 13, 2008

Greetings once more folks, I found something of interest regarding the building of a brand new Steam loco, built to an old design from the original blueprints. It cost £3,000,000 and I think it will be coming to my local rail-road soon!! Its a beauty, have a look here--->



Minka Tsoneva (Mimip… on December 14, 2008

Sometimes reading the comments of other you can find interesting information! Thanks to you MaryAlice & Jean! I wished to tell you what answered me an old spy about AXOTA but I see he did it here! ;-)

BTW Jim, don't think please, that I believe you that you don't know what does AXOTA means for you! ;-) I tried to search something about this name but nothing special. Lots of sites with the same name of users.

I see that all of you here likes Locomotive so why I would like you just to see an old here:

Bulgarian Locomotive

Probably it was used in my native country lots of years ago but I don't know anything more.

My best wishes, Mimi

mimipet's greeting

Jim Evans (AXOTA) on December 14, 2008

Greetings everyone, You gone Awol again MA, the female equivalent to the Scarlet Pimpernel ;>))

Thanks for the link Mimi, I found your MAGNIFICENT LOCO and left you a message.


Madidi on December 15, 2008

A 'real' train Mary Alice: what a beauty and what a great photo too. Someone must be looking after "Elizabeth" though, her livery still looks reasonably good.

Have a great week,


Nick Weall on December 16, 2008

I'm about half way through my new tunnel Mary Alice, but I've lost all contact and the compass swings from side to side ~ I think we need some Swiss expertise ~ it looks like Elizabeth will stay safely in your field and we'll just play with Jim's new loco (which is a real beauty too)

Happy Christmas Mary Alice

MaryAlice on December 18, 2008

Greetings, Jim!

I didn't mean to go Awol on you! I have just been so busy with Christmas coming and all.

I'm simply overwhelmed with trying to catch up on here, especially on this photograph in particular.

There are so many conversations going on, that I may just have to let it go.

I did want to at least say hello to you though, so you wouldn't think that I was lost and gone forever.

I will try to stay more current on things from now on, but if I disappear again, just know that I'll be back soon.

Thanks for the entertainment for my return. I have had a ball reading it all.

Merry Christmas to you,

Mary Alice

MaryAlice on December 18, 2008

Greetings, Julie, and thank you so very much for your kind comments on this old locomotive. I'm so happy that you enjoyed it, and especially the history on it as well. I found it all very interesting, and I'm so glad that you did too.

It's always fun to share when others are actually interested.

I am enjoying this beautiful Christmas season very much, and thank you for your kind wishes. I hope that you are also having a magical time in these last few days leading up to that special day.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, and may God bless you,

Mary Alice

MaryAlice on December 18, 2008

Good evening, Doben, and thank you very much for your visit to this old train. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

Greetings to you from the USA,

Mary Alice

eleni iak. on December 18, 2008

Beautiful shot!

Greetings Eleni

MaryAlice on December 22, 2008

Greetings, Eleni, and thank you very much for your kind praise.

Merry Christmas to you,

Mary Alice

Sue Allen on December 22, 2008

Mary Alice, I must make this snappy, as Thomas wants some toast, but I love this train picture, and thought you might like a few photos I did on Sunday 12.12.08 of our trip on the Mary Valley Rattler, so here's link to the first one. I tried to map the photos very accurately so it's like the complete train trip!

My imagination gets totally carried away, looking at your wonderful American trains. The wild plains immediately spring to mind, even if they never set a wheel there, I expect it's all the imagery from a childhood growing up seeing such scenes on the box!

Wonderful stuff!

Very best wishes to you, Mary Alice, Thomas awaits my attention!


Nick Weall on December 22, 2008

Hi Mary Alice ~ Good Morning in Brit time to you and last day of work for us both before Xmas ~ enjoy. :)

jenper on December 23, 2008

What a beautiful engine Mary Alice!! This pic deserves my YS. I wish you a Merry Christsmas and a happy New Year!! Best wishes from Spain. jenper

Sue Allen on December 23, 2008

Mary Alice, I was just showing Emma and Les this train, and read through all the comments as well, and so found out that you can see this train just parked up in the field. We are in shock, deeply saddened. I can't believe that such an old and beautiful train is just parked up rusting away, it's criminal! :(

I do hope by putting this train picture up on panoramio and Google, perhaps its fate might be made more public and maybe someone will be able to put it in a museum, or better still, get the old lady running again, like the one in Gympie.

Thanks so much for posting this picture, Mary Alice, I'm very glad to have seen it, I just wish it wasn't in the blooming field! :D

Very best wishes to you,

sue, Emma and the better half.... :D

Olga I. Yakovenko on December 23, 2008

MaryAlice, fantastic engine - an object for a museum! I like the picture and the engine. Merry Christmas, Olga

Foxx Trotter on December 25, 2008

CLASSIC. :0) You need to visit the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum in Calera, Alabama. It's been years though since I've visited it myself.

arif solak on December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Turkey

Cheers, arif

MaryAlice on December 29, 2008

Yes, Bruce, YAY!

I am so happy that you found this little Loco.

I was just over on your page admiring your little beauty as well. =)

How fascinating that they were both made in the same place. well, probably! ( we think!)

I seriously doubt that there will be any hopes of restoration for this old horse, but I may be wrong. From the looks of things, it's been sitting alone in this field for many years, and will probably continue to sit there for years to come.

I shall hope for a better future for it though. It's certainly not too late.

I'm so happy that you enjoyed this, and I will look for you to post up more of your favorite engine soon.

Michel so cleverly predicted your enthusiastic response to this Loco, did you notice? =)

Greetings, and thank you again for stopping by and enjoying these beautiful creatures from our past.

Best regards from Georgia,

Mary Alice

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