"CAROUSEL" - My Christmas Tale, "Vartelejka" - Prikazka za Koleda, "Carosello" - La Mia Favola di Natale, Koleda, Natale, Christmas, written by Mimi (www.mimipet.com)

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Minka Tsoneva (Mimip… on December 23, 2008


My tale for Christmas!

(A tale that parents should remember!)


Do you know what is this small CARD under the Christmas Tree on the picture? Now I will recount you a tale!

Once upon a time a small girl.. She liked a lot to play with her dolls and with other kids too. Her parents loved her daughter a lot, worked hard and tried not to miss anything their two kids. All years in the summer they went to the Black sea and had there were nice holidays but always the family brings with them lots vegetables and fruits from their own garden. It was the way to stay there without spending lots of money. And so why these two kids don’t remember to go to the restaurants in their childhood. Luckily games filled the live of these kids and they did not miss so much many things.

But the kids did not know that there are some kind of carousel they have never tried like the kids in other countries. Because these carousel was forbidden to used in their country when they were child! Because the years was on this way, it was forbidden people to go and to enjoy carousels! Later the situation in this country changed and they saw what alike is Carousel but unfortunately kids grow up and should not to try them anymore.

Our little girl was already grow up. She studied a lot and her parent were proud with her daughter. A day after, she started to work also. She had to leave her parent and to go and live 300 km far from the city of her parents. But the close connection with her parents did not interrupted and she used every single moment to go back to her native city and to spend more and more time is possible with her parents and friends.

A day the girl heard that there is a Big Amusement park called Disneyland! And as the big one was in America and America still was like a Land of Ice for her native country it was impossible for her to go there. The girl heard that there is the same smaller park in Paris. But to go there the girl had to work very hard in two or even in three different places at the same time to save some money a part.

And a day she did it!

A day the girl pay a place in a bus and went to Paris in one organised excursion. A day very early in the morning she got the metro with one very old family from her native country and went to Disneyland Paris. Entering in Disneyland this girl left her mind there. She have never seen before such carousels and such place in her live. When she went out after the first Carousel of spirits she saw that she left the old family she was with anywhere and the girl found herself absolutely alone there.

But the girl did not afraid to stay there alone. She rolling al the day here and there and went to try all the carousels she have never seen and never tried before in her childhood! She felt herself so light and so cheerful like never before! She smiled all the day, forget who is she and where she came from, she forgot for her problems and hard live of working she have! She played and smiled in this sea of cheerfulness and unforgettable emotions! She even did not understand how day passed and stayed there almost by midnight!

Then went back to the city in her hotel and had the most sweet and nice dreams in her live. She never forget this incredible day and always going back to remember it with very nice memory and smile! :-)

A day this girl registered herself in Panoramio: She found there very interesting persons and friends. A day before Christmas she found one beautiful picture of Carousel. She asked her memory and her parents whether she has ever tried such carousel but she did not find such moment in her memory, she has never tried a Carousel! Wow… :-(

Sad… She felt very sad herself about this. At the end it is very small thing but it is missing her and it will miss forever…

But then she smiled… She remembered that a day she went to Disneyland and realised this small dream she had and she enjoyed full the carousels there, oh yes.. :-)

Do you smile now my dear reader? :-)

I hope so.. :-)

And now again:

Do you know what is this small CARD under the Christmas tree? Did you recognise it already? Yes?

Oh yes… :-) … it is my ticket to Disneyland, Paris, 09. 09. 1997 – The Day, The Year To Be There!

The girl after this day saved the ticket like a good memory of the most unforgettable day in her life!

Now this girl is already married and has her small son. And yet before the son come she decided that She should try not to miss anything her small child!

And you Dear Parents and Dear My Friends who will be parents a day recount this story a day to your children and Remember that the DREAMS are going to be realised a day! It is enough just to believe on it and to work hard to realise them!

Christmas is coming!..

… Remember the Magic of Christmas!...


And now… yes, Dear My Reader, you guess, this small girl was I. It is one of the story of my live. I hope you liked it and you can use it for your children! And then maybe to remember that it was written by me, Mimi!

And not at the end but not at the end I would to thanks with all my heart to my Panoramio’s friend Wolf-im-Schafspelz for his wonderful picture of Carousel which inspired me to write this tale now!

And the end but not at the end again I would like to thanks to my husband who is always staying near me and makes me a big support in everything Paolo!

23. 12. 2009, Italy

Smiles, Mimi :-)

mimipet's greeting

Flavio Snidero on December 23, 2008

Hi Mimì, thanks a lot for your kind greetings.

My best wishes for a

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year 2009

to You !!! Flavio

Wolf im Schafspelz on December 23, 2008

Dear Mimi, I'm afraid not to find words to tell you, how much I like your Christmas tale!

On the one hand, I'm moved to tears, on the other hand a BIG smile lights up my face :-) I'm really happy, that you know Disneyland - the place to make an old dream come true. Hopefully it was a little compensation for some things you missed in the childhood...

It's an honour for me, that my carousel picture was able to inspire you to write this wonderful story.

★All good wishes to you and your family, especially to your little son★

I embrace you

Minka Tsoneva (Mimip… on December 23, 2008

Dear Wolf,

Thanks for your sincerely comment. It is very important for me because at the end your picture inspired me to write this story. First of all I am a little sad because this tale make your tears to go down but then I am glad to hear that you liked my tale and this makes me to smile.. :-) I hope it is really a good tale and everybody can find something on it maybe she/he already knows!

Thank you very much Wolf for all your good wishes to me and my family and to little son. Let your wishes to me go back to you and full your live with sun, happiness and peace! Be always happy dear my friend Wolf and always make such good pictures! Who knows what these pictures can do tomorrow?! The future will show you it a day!

Dear my Reader of this tale, please think about this that it is only one tale with the good end and this is more important! Let your kids to know that the dreams happens a day and they will grew up happy!

Yours, Mimi

mimipet's greeting

Ivan Hadjiyski on December 24, 2008

Щастлива Коледа и весела Нова година!Здраве,дълголетие и успехи:))- Иван.

Grey-Eagle Ray on December 24, 2008

WOW..... I thank you for this beautiful story.

Joyeux Noël Mimi

Greetings from California Ray


Majantje on December 25, 2008

Danke Mimi für Deine Wünsche. Wieder ein gelungenes und spezielles Foto für den Gedanken an die Weihnachtszeit. Alles Gute für Dich, Majantje

Victor de Lara on December 26, 2008
Minka Tsoneva (Mimip… on December 26, 2008


I miss words to tell you how much beautiful is your gift to all of us, your Panoramio's friends. I am honored to be one of these your friends! The video is SO, SO, Beautiful!

Your gift is one of the most nice gift you can do somebody and me including. Thank you very much my dear Friend! I cannot imagine how much time it takes you to do this work but you did a beautiful work!

Be Happy you and all Your Family! Let the smile not went out of your mouth, let all your dreams become reality and nothing to stop you to realize all your projects!

I don't have something like your gift to give you but hope you read My Christmas Tale up here I wrote just before this Christmas! If not, please read this tale and recount it a day when you are Grandfather!

All my best wishes for the New 2009 Year!

Your firend, Mimi

mimipet's greeting

gezginruh on January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Greetings from Turkey.GGR.

Badewanne B. on January 3, 2009

Hallo Mimi das ist ja schön und die Geschichte werde ich mir mal mit Hilfe durchlesen. Super!!! Grüße von der Wanne

Minka Tsoneva (Mimip… on January 6, 2009

Many thanks to all of you who read My First Tale and to all of you who visited my gallery and left your comment and wishes to me! I read all your comments at least 2-3 times during the feast days! Your wishes were so kind and nice, many thanks! I am satisfied you like this picture and the Tale below! I am glad I gave new ideas to somebody for the future and make you to smile!

Thanks also to all of you who visited my web site and left mi nice comments!

Thanks for your vote!

Happy New 2009 Year to You and All Your Family!

Thanks to all of you:

First of all many thanks to Wolf-im-Schafspelz, who inspired me to write my first tale!

Flavio Snidero


Grey Eagle



Víctor Schz de Lara - Victor your video was one of the most beautiful present for Christmas – thanks again!

Kollmann Manfred



My Best Wishes & Greetings, Mimi

mimipet's greeting

Argenna on January 8, 2009

Nice! I remember that I don`t wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR in this year !!!

Minka Tsoneva (Mimip… on January 9, 2009

Many thanks for your nice wishes for the New Year Argenna!

Greetings, Mimi

tXöXn on January 18, 2009

hello mimi ,,thank u for your little story ,i read it with great pleasure ,,

Minka Tsoneva (Mimip… on January 28, 2009

Thanks for your visit, attention and comment tXöXn!

My Best Wishes,

><((((º> Mimi <º))))><

mimipet’s greeting

Minka Tsoneva (Mimip… on March 3, 2009

I just wished to add here!

My first tale was written and then published for the first time right here in Panoramio in 23. 12. 2008. © All rights are reserved by www.mimipet.com and nobody can publish and use my tale for commercial use. Remember: Just recount my tale your children!

><((((º> Mimi <º))))><

mimipet’s greeting

Wim Janssen on July 20, 2009

Hi Mimi in spite of missing a carousel, you must have had a great youth at the Black Sea, with loving parents. What more could a little girl wish. We all have hour dreams and sometimes they really become reality if we just keep up our hope.

Here is my carousel for you.

Best wishes, Wim

Minka Tsoneva (Mimip… on July 20, 2009

Many thanks for your very kind comment and visit here Wim! Nice to hear something like this you said! I am glad you liked my Carousel!

My Best Wishes,


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