Winter visitor ( An American Goldfinch in Winter plumage.)

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|W| |K|U|R|Y| on February 4, 2009

another great shot.

MaryAlice on February 4, 2009

Thank you so much, Koery!

I appreciate your praise!


Mary Alice

© LDG on February 6, 2009

Congratulations Mary Alice, this is a beaut little bird!! In Spain, this birds are called "canarios", I have been two "canarios", and now, I have a green Agaporni.

Sorry, many time to the last conversation, but I dont visit Panoramio since 21 days ago, because I have studying. How are you?? Surely, you are perfect (in Spain say "dabuty" ;) ).

The best dream to you,

Luis Duro.

MaryAlice on February 7, 2009

Hey there, Luis Duro!

How wonderful to hear from you! I have been wondering where you were. How are you?

What are you studying? How excellent! Education is so important. Tell me what you're learning. I am eager to hear all about it. =)

I am doing very well, and thank you so much for asking. The weather has suddenly turned warm and very Spring like. It's making for a beautiful weekend.

I hope things are going well for you too, and I am just delighted to get your message.

Thank you for your kind words on this sweet little Canario! I'm so happy that you like him.

My very best wishes to you,

Mary Alice

© LDG on February 8, 2009

Hi Mary Alice,

I am well, I am studying a Diploma in Industrial Relations, in the Complutense University of Madrid. I have made the tests the last two weeks ago, and now, I am waiting the tests scores.

The weather here is very cold, the snow come all the weeks, for over forty years not much snow!!

Sorry for my English, I have lost practice :( but I try to practice more

I like very much the birds, are very beauties, and this Goldfinch is magnific!!

That you pass a good week-end,

your friend from Madrid,

Luis Duro González.

MaryAlice on February 9, 2009

Greetings, Luis!

I am certainly SO, SO proud of you! I think it is fantastic that you are studying Industrial relations! How commendable.

I hope that you get good results from your tests.

Yeah for you!!! I'm really, really proud and excited for you!

Snow? How about that? I'm happy that you're getting blessed with snow as well.

We haven't seen even the first flake here, but I won't complain! It will snow again one day, I am sure.

I'm so happy that you've enjoyed this sweet Goldfinch, and thank you again for your praise.

Keep doing good in school, and let me know about your tests scores when you hear! I know you are eager to know the news, as the waiting is the hardest part sometimes.

The very best of luck to you, my friend.

Mary Alice

© LDG on February 10, 2009

Sorry Mary Alice, I confused the Golfinch with the canario.

In Spain Goldfinch are called jilguero, are very beauties!!

When I get my results, I will come to say you ;)

I am proud to know you, you are a very good person, and very friendly!!

It is good that in winter snow, because then, de melt of snow, the reservoir are filled to avoid the summer drought.

Many thanks to stay there when I speak with you!!

The best to you,

Luis Duro!!

MaryAlice on February 10, 2009

No need to apologize, Dear Luis! The canario is another delightful little yellow bird! What a cute attachment you sent as well, and thank you! =)

Yes, Yes, when you get your results, please do come and tell me! I can't wait to hear, and I just know that you'll do great!

That's a very good point that you made about the Winter's snow helping with the Summer's drought. I hadn't really thought if that before, but you're certainly right!

I think you are a wonderful person, and I'm just delighted to be friend with you here. Thank you for always saying such nice things about me and my photographs. You never fail to make me smile.

Stay happy, and enjoy the rest of your week.

I will be listening out for you, my friend.

All the best,

Mary Alice

KasiaD on February 14, 2009

Another wonderful capture. You definitely attract a lot of photogenic visitors:-) Kasia

MaryAlice on February 15, 2009

Greetings, Kasia, and how wonderful to find you here amongst the birds.

How have you been doing? It has been a while. I hope all is well in your world.

Thank you for such nice words in this shot. I spent quite a while on the porch this day, trying to attract such creatures.

I'm really happy that you appreciate my efforts.

My best regards to you,

Mary Alice

Gabriel Avramovici on February 20, 2009

Very nice and sweet!

© LDG on February 20, 2009

Dear Mary Alice,

i say you, that when I'll know my results, I'll go to say you!!

I had 5 exams, I approve 4, and a note that still not know, but I know that failed!!

I hope that you pass a good week-end my friend. In Spain, this week-end is Carnavales, a party which the people dresses with costume, mask,... Is same as Rio de Janeiro, the Carnavales from Canarias are very famous, and beauties!!

The best to you,

Luis Duro González.

MaryAlice on February 20, 2009

Thank you, Gabi! =) I'm really happy that you appreciate our little feathered friends!

Best regards,

Mary Alice

MaryAlice on February 23, 2009


Somehow this message got overlooked, and I am so sorry.

Now I am a bit worried, and not quite sure that I understand what you're saying about your exams.

You took 5 and approved 4, but failed one? Or, are you still waiting to find out your results?

Oh dear . . . I hope so much that everything will be okay!

I wish you only the best, and I will be listening out to hear great news from you.

Sweetest regards,

Mary Alice

© LDG on February 24, 2009

I was waiting one note, and today I know, I approved the 5 exams!!!

Thank you for your interesting :)

Sweetest greetings,


MaryAlice on February 24, 2009


Thank you for the clarification.


I'm overjoyed for your success!

Congratulations! Well done, my friend! Very well done indeed!

It's time to celebrate!!!!!! =)

Happiest regards to you! Happy, Happy, Happy! =)

Mary Alice

Camerama on March 25, 2009

Awww, he/she is so beautiful, and so perfectly captured!

MaryAlice on March 26, 2009

Thank you so much, Camerama!

I'm so happy that you enjoyed this sweet little Goldfinch. =)

They have been eating me out of house and home lately.

Thank you for your kind praise.

I hope you are doing well.

Best regards,

Mary ALice

Elio Rocha on April 4, 2009

Great shot, Mary! Congrats!

Greetings from Brazil, Elio.

MaryAlice on April 8, 2009

Hello there, Elio, and Welcome to my gallery!

I am so happy that you stopped by, and thank you very much for your enthusiastic praise on this shot.

Best regards to you from the USA,

Mary Alice

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