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Brownhills Bob on February 16, 2009

Hi folks...

Trikermike, I thought your comment was quite witty! I hate those smiley things, but I did include a 'heh' in my reply to indicate my amusement... please don't trouble yourself, I wasn't a bit offended... p'raps I should have smileyed in my comment.

Interested to hear about your steed. I don't know if you're aware (I'm sure you are), but the bike hire centre at the Buxton end of the Tissington Trail in Derbyshire has a variety of hand and assistant powered bikes for zipping around the area if you ever fancy a change... they've got a variety of wheeled machines to suit any aptitude and it's a cracking trail to bimble around on.

Keep the sun on your face, the wind at your back and light in your heart...

Best wishes


Sue Allen on February 17, 2009

Ha ha ha, this is all too hilarious for words -- I haven't been on Pano much in the last few days, you know how sometimes you just run out of energy? But oh my goodness, it's so interesting and amusing, watching the string of conversations above. I'm even going to put a smiley face, as I'm grinning that hard, I have no other means of conveying my mirth! :D There it is!

My very best wishes to you all, and I do hope you don't mind me seeing the funny side of all that has been going on -- Mike, that should go in your book as a world class booper or blooper, or goober, whatever they're called.

Cheers all,


trikermike on February 18, 2009

I did not think it lent itself

to words of idiot rhyme

I thought i'd wait until

you'd seen it Sue

and then i'd give you time

to offer up your words of verse

to fit this photo plain

even though it does appear, the writer may be insane (or inane!)

go on, give it a go!


Sue Allen on February 18, 2009

Ramblers and nosy people, have a look at this,

I reckon all these snooty folk are out to take the piss,

Keep the puppy on his lead, constrained and rather yappy!

Take a hike, Lord what’s yer name I’d rather keep him happy!

What’s the next thing on your list which has to be obeyed?

Exit paddock quickly! Why? d’ you think I feel afraid?

What should I be scared of eh? Some toff who cannot spell?

Well let me tell you, knuckle brain, your kind can go to hell!

Do not damage fence or treesoh my, you’re such a charmer!

Ive wandered through this gracious land at peace within my karma...

So now I’m featured on TV, the monitors have spoken--

Within this peaceful soul my indignation has awoken!

Work hard, buy your own land! That sentence numbs my heart

To think that being toffee nosed, you set yourself apart...

** Ive worked my fingers to the bone and never hurt a fellow man,**

Spent my money on the kids, and loved them as no other can.

Perhaps you have been fortunate, and earned the trust of many,

Or trod them deep into the mire and never gave a penny.

Well spin on this, my noble lord, if that is who you are,

Observing me on C.C.T.V and languishing afar,

Watch my middle finger; see it curving through the air?

Do you wriggle with discomfort, as you lounge upon your chair?

That, my friend, is what I think to all your typed instructions,

This lousy notice on the fence requires no introductions.

Keep your paddock, yes indeed, be sure to wave at me,

For you know where I’ll be loitering next time I need to pee!

Ha, take that!

Best wishes, all,


trikermike on February 18, 2009

What can I say? I hope you don't get kniced!

not like the person in your poem, who really is getting a certain part of their anatomy well kicked! Absolutely excellent Sue you cheeky monkey! look out for the millions, no trillions of fans sending praise on here now!,

Whoo-Hoo! I knew I could leave it to you!

BTW I had a run-down of the many cycles available for hire, in the vicinityof this notice, so maybe we should get a Pano-riders group to almost invade, have a picnic, maybe even a game of Ozzie football on the nearby land, strictly legally, of course, some folk could bring their dogs-it might be a fun day out, who knows? if it is a success, it could be a weekly event (weather permitting)

But your writing is perfect for a biscuit! lets get it printed an laminated, to stick arond the footpath in question!!!

Sue you have lifted my heart o high, my laughter muscles are aching, my smile is _almost _ as wide as yours!



c.s. on February 18, 2009

Great poem! And it is signed: "sue"? Way too modest. sue, you are Sue with a capital S.

Reading the instructions in the laminated message, I'm missing the last dot in C.C.T.V Now some languages' spelling conventions may allow omitting the trailing dot in abbreviations, but I do'nt think that is the case in English?

Kind regards, Claus

David Brown Photogra… on February 18, 2009

(Note to self, do not get on the wrong side of Sue - she can be meeeaaan, and I mean meeeaaaaan)

Nice one Sue, breath deeply now, remember that's why we left the mother country so we didn't have to put up with that "stuff".

Keep the faith!

Sue Allen on February 19, 2009

Sorry to natter on your pic, Peter, but I just had to thank these kind people for their nice words about my poem! Thank you so much!

Oh and Jethro, you need have nothing to fear from me, my friend. I'm all bark and no bite...:)

Very best wishes to you all,


pedrocut on February 19, 2009

No problem Sue, It's amazing to see such interest in the picture.

There is no truth in the rumor going round that I put the notice up myself!

Regards Peter

pedrocut on February 26, 2009

To my amazement the notice has been chosen by Google Earth. So when the owners see it the **** may hit the fan!

Regards to all, Peter

Brownhills Bob on February 26, 2009


Should be interesting. Tried to get up there last weekend but failed miserably...

Nice one Brownhillsbob

trikermike on February 26, 2009

CONGRATULATIONS! Peter, Google must have a sense of responsibility as well as humour!


Sue Allen on February 26, 2009

Well if the **** does hit the fan, I hope the person who put this notice up is standing nice and close to it...should get a fair spray....he he he.

Brownhills Bob on January 16, 2010

On a similar theme, you guys may be interested in a comment I've received here, and I'd be intrigued to know hat you think.

Best wishes


Marianne on May 4, 2010

Like it :-)

((Ospr3y)) on May 18, 2010


Nice sign!

Haselour on November 25, 2010

Hi everyone,I am the owner of Haselour House and unfortunately the information provided by the original photographer of the sign is incorrect!!! The sign in question is actually within the confines and land of HASELOUR HALL not HASELOUR HOUSE!!!! I am a keen walker myself and respect and encourage ramblers across my land. Any ideas how I can get this amended on google?

trikermike on November 25, 2010

Hi Haselhour and welcome!

If you click on the photographers name (below the photo in blue lettering) you will go to their gallery from where you can attempt to contact pedrocut to explain the situation, or at least give some clarity in your explanation. I wish you good luck, you are welcome to walk over my land whenever you are in the vicinity.


Haselour on November 25, 2010

Hi Mike, thanks for the response. I have attempted your suggestion but dont appear to be able to see any contact details for pedrocut. Hopefully he will log in at some time and see my message and I can maybe get an email address from him. Thanks for taking the time to respond.....would hate to think like minded walkers thinking I was responsible for the sign. The sign is actually 2 fields away from my house, but you cross my land to get there!!! I think that's were the confusion has arisen. Look forward to walking over your land sometime.... Sue

pedrocut on November 25, 2010

Hi Sue,

My apologies for inferring that the notice was situated on your land, being Haselour House, and not Haselour Hall.

The House and the Hall seem very close together, and the notice was placed on the approach to the style that crosses the fence alongside the track leading to Haselour Hall. On Google Earth it is difficult to recognize a dividing field between the properties.

I have amended the title and will look to see if there are any other references to Haselour House.

I hope that you appreciate my reason for putting the picture in the gallery.

If you wish me to remove the picture from Google Earth I will do so, but it may be better to let it ride as the obnoxious notice (I do not know if it is still there) will be attributed to the correct source.

Best wishes Peter

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