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Herr Sonstiges on February 22, 2009

978 x 297 pixels are to less to see details (how about yyyy x 800 ?) of this nice lake panorama, Michael ! Nevertheless it seams some trees are dead, I hope it is not related to environmental pollution.



petrelpiotr on February 22, 2009

Great landscape of a lake.

© Michael Hatten htt… on February 22, 2009

Herr Sonstiges,

Early on I used to post bigger sized images but 2 things began to happen

1 I was eating up my 2gig allowance for my imsges. 2 people were using my images for their websites or such without my permission. So the lower the quality the less chance of using them. I didn't want to put a big watermark on all the images.

As for the dying trees, Yes. You could say that Climate change has played a part in it. There is a Beetle called the Western Bark Bettle. It has mainly stayed East of the Cascades and has killed many many trees over there. It has lived there longer than I can remember. They Swarm up each year over a 3-5 day period and fly short distances where by they land on a pine and begin burrowing deep under the bark. there they lay eggs and eat the softer wood. They literally undermine the bark causing it to break off in sheets and killing the tree within a season.

Now the one natural thing that can kill these Bettles is a hard freeze during that 3-5 days they are flying about and since all the passes are about 4000 feet up the Mountains help keep the Beetle on the east side.

But now the climate has been changing. Our usually colder spring time months havn't been cold enough and long enough to kill them off during their bloom time.

Now this image is well to the West of the pass. and this part of Oregon is the where 80% of Oregons densest forests are. In fact this area was given the name of Emerald Forest.

At the McKenzie Pass at a place called Windy Point The Trees that sit below the pointy peeked mountain (Mt washington) but closest to the lava flow are all dead because of the beetle. In this that photo the trees are healty and that was 2 years ago. I do not have one of the same area with them dead.

If the Western Bark Beetle gets a strong foot hold here in Western Oregon it can and will distroy all the trees and it will take pestisides to kill them off. It's kinda sad knowing what we will face if the problem is not dealt with soon.


Herr Sonstiges on February 23, 2009

OK, beetles I would not call "env. pollution". I know bark beetles from Germany, may be that are the same as yours, these are really beasts but our forestry has found some traps which are efficient (the last picture of the linked website)!


Gabor Retei on April 11, 2009

Michael and H.S.,

It is a great panorama and I share all concerns regarding the allowable storage space here at Panoramio. I am making lots of panoramas so I reduce the quality in order to strike a balance between quality and file size.

About the beetles, we have the same problem in British Columbia, Canada. About one third of our forests are devastated so far with no known cure.

Best regards from Port Moody, B.C. Canada, Gabe

© Michael Hatten htt… on June 27, 2009

Herr Sonstiges, Gabor Retei,


I just read an article on the Western Bark Beetle.

It said that The Beetle has always been apart of a healthy forest ecosystem. If a tree is healthy the sap will push out a beetle killing it as does a hard freeze in Spring.

Over the past 30+ years the Government had a fire suppression program that was very strong. Every fire was put out as soon as it was started.

Well over the years more trees grew, competed for sun and water causing more trees to become diseased. Well the Beetles can thin forests naturally by killing off the diseased trees and litterally help reduceing fuel for fast feeding wildfires. Instead the forests would get these low grade fires that would keep the debri in check and at the same time keep the beetles in check by killing them as well.

Now days we have overcrowded forests and the beetles can attack healthy trees in vast numbers taxing the trees ability to defend its self..

One way or another large swaths of forests get devistated in one season.

If your ever in Central Oregon there is a Mountain right beside Hwy 20/22 10 or 20 miles before Sisters Oregon. Its called Black Butte. This mountain has been very beautiful, a perfect cone shape with lots of trees. Most of them are mid growth in age. The beetles have already infected the trees there about 1/3rd of the way up. There is a Brown band of dying trees that litterally wrap it's self around the mountain..

How long will it be until this mountain has now more trees on it? Not to mention the mountain is on the doorstep of the Metolious River Valley.


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