Dover Grammar School for Boys DGSB 1963-1964 School Photo, Astor Avenue, Kent, UK

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John Latter on April 30, 2007

Part of the Dover Grammar School for Boys 1963-1964 school photo taken in the quad.

I was a pupil here from September 1962 to June 1967 (Forms 1 to 5B) in Frith House.

I'm on the far right of the front row above the yellow dot.

Other dotty pupils I recognize (reading from right to left because I'm left handed and this is my webpage) are:

Green dot: Peter Harrison

Red dot: Robert Ashington

Blue dot: Keiron Jones

Brown dot: Kerry Mannning

Peter Harrison and Kerry Manning were at St Mary's Primary School with me but unfortunately I don't have any photos from that time.

Click to see the DGSB's Friends Reunited page for 1967.

Other DGSB photos can be found under the "Grammar" tag, other photos of me are under "John Latter"

rosina lamberti on April 30, 2007

your the only cute one john :):)

John Latter on April 30, 2007

OK, Rosina, you win - I've taken the clay voodoo doll off of the mantlepiece (the one called 'Rosina') and taken all of the pins out.

You should stop getting headaches now.

Also, I've put you on my Christmas Card list :)

rosina lamberti on April 30, 2007

gee thanks john, and l thought l just needed more panadol :)

John Latter on April 30, 2007


rosina lamberti on April 30, 2007

John why don't u join in :) TODAY IS THE DAY - HAVE FUN

lights - camera - shoot

Anything u like or do That time of day project for Panoramio Photographers Around the World

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have fun, photograph anything u like or do. Rosina

John Latter on April 30, 2007

rosina lamberti said:

John why don't u join in :) TODAY IS THE DAY - HAVE FUN

I have to go out in a few minutes, Rosina, but I'll see what I can do!

KraziCeri on May 26, 2007

a bored moment, a passing glance at an rarely-read book, an idle google and all of a sudden I'm time-warped back fifty years to "adventure-land". I'm amazed you haven't done the Zig-zags yet, or are you saving that for "the Zecadine-gun Wars" photo-series. Great photos John. Thanks for the memories.

John Latter on May 26, 2007

Is that you Kerry??

I've been up the Zig-Zags twice in the last week (on my way to getting photos like this one of the Keep) and I was certainly looking at them from the point of view of taking some pics there one day!

The main reason I haven't done so already is because I'm generally uploading photos to which I can easily put a bit of background info to (so that they'll appear on Google and Google Earth) with the intention of filling in the gaps later on.

The Zig-Zags - as you may already know - have certainly changed since the 1987 hurricane, there are fewer trees and the asphalt surface has been removed. They're also grass-covered now which makes their outline a bit difficult to see in places. It's more fun walking down them than up, and that's when I tend to remember "the days of yesteryear".

With regard to the "Zecadine-gun Wars", your memory is probably better than mine but I'm wondering if you're referring to a particular type of gun which fired clay pellets? If so, I can also remember how some of those conflicts occasionally spilled over into Connaught Park. The world has always been pretty much a bit on the small side.

I'm glad you like the photos. At the moment I'm working on putting some of them, along with unpublished ones, in a slideshow regarding a location 'somewhere in Dover'. I gotta be a bit secretive cos there's a kind of 'specialist group' who are interested in this place and I don't want to lose the scoop. Because of this I've only uploaded a few photos over the last week or so.

Once that's done, however, I'll start uploading more frequently and if you've any requests then please let me know :)


John Latter on May 29, 2007

My 'historical' (or hysterical) photos currently include:

Queen Street (aged about 2)

Belgrave School (aged about 6)

St Mary's School (aged 11)

Dover Grammar School for Boys (aged 12 or 13)

Other photos appear under the "John Latter" tag.

John Latter on November 21, 2007

More historical (or hysterical) photos of myself taken between the ages of 16 and 19 (ie 1967 - 1970) while I was an "Apprentice Tradesman" at the Royal Corps of Signals Army Apprentices College in Harrogate, Yorkshire, training to be a 'Radio-Relay Technician':

1) 67C Recruit Squadron Group Photo

2) 67C Recruit Squadron Close-Up

3) Senior Term 1970 Group Photo

4) Senior Term 1970 Close-Up

I had forgotten to previously include this photo of me in the North Center Bastion taken in 2007.

john d williams on October 29, 2009

Hi John, I've just seen your photos - they are brill. Do you remember me - we were in 1B together in 1962/3. In the school photo I'm in the front row wearing sandals with my feet on the drain cover!

John Latter on October 31, 2009

john d williams, yesterday, said:

Hi John, I've just seen your photos - they are brill. Do you remember me - we were in 1B together in 1962/3. In the school photo I'm in the front row wearing sandals with my feet on the drain cover!

Of course I remember you, John - you were the first form monitor (if that's the right term) so that put you in the spotlight right away!

Where are you living now? I hope you don't mind me asking, its just that since returning to Dover in the 1980s, I haven't met anyone from our class at all ---> 'gone'

Having said that, I've just re-established contact with Kerry Manning on Facebook, but he's a sort of 'special case': we were at primary school together and then we both joined the same Army Corps.


john d williams on October 31, 2009

John, yes you are right about the form monitor thing (I can't remember the name either). I haven't lived in Dover since leaving school in 1969. I quickly lost touch with everyone, just about, though I do still come down to E. Kent - mum lives in Deal now. I used to have contact with Peter Flood (though he wasn't in 1B), but that was a long time ago. It's interesting to hear that you have moved back!

John Latter on November 1, 2009

I remember Peter Flood, he was in 1A I think.

There was a shop called Flood's at one time in East Street, Tower Hamlets, which I've always associated with him. If it was indeed his family's business then that shop is about 50 yards away from where I'm sitting!

As far as returning to Dover is concerned, I can only conclude that I did something very wrong in an earlier life! :)

john d williams on November 3, 2009

Yes, Peter was in 1A - I got to know him when I moved to 2A in the second year. He and I did a 3/4 weeks tour of Ireland in 1970 in a mini! His family did own a fish business - I know there was a shop - since demolished - in or near Townwall Street, not far from The Britannia pub (is that still there?) and another one somewhere else - which must be the East Street one. You did ask me where I live now: it's near Watford. Sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you! Do you remember Malcolm Durrant? He was also in 1A and is teaching in Bermuda now! Everyone else I have lost touch with. Give my regards to Kerry - I remember him well!

John Latter on November 7, 2009

I remember John Durrant, and though I've never been to Ireland, I think he's a very lucky chappie to be living in Bermuda because a friend and I spent 10 days there when we were in the Army.

Of course, visiting a place is a lot different than living there, but even so, I bet he's very happy indded!

A Wet Fish shop sounds about right for Peter's family business - I tried to remember what it was, but it just wouldn't come to mind.

The Britannia building is still there, but its been closed for a couple of years (maybe even longer) and I think its scheduled to be knocked down in a proposed redevelopment plan.

Oh - and I've passed your message on to Kerry :)


reader1949 on January 24, 2010

I've just come across your photo of DGSB of 1963. I've still got my copy, though after all this time I'm not sure which boy is me! I think I'm just out of your shot to the left (maybe!) I was in Frith, 1-3D, until they decided, not long after that pic was taken in June 63, that I wasn't suited to a grammar school, and I was sent down to my local secondary school at Sandwich.

John Latter on January 24, 2010

reader1949, on January 24rd, 2010, said:

I've just come across your photo of DGSB of 1963. I've still got my copy, though after all this time I'm not sure which boy is me! I think I'm just out of your shot to the left (maybe!)

If you're interested, you could email me with your name (jorolat AT and I might be able to find out where you are on the main photo.

John Latter / Jorolat

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