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Big Redwood Tree Howland Hill Road California

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The Hammer on February 16, 2009

Would love to receive permission to use your picture on our website. Please go to and reply to the email address (don't want to list it here to avoid spam). Will give you credit. May need higher rez. Fantastic photos. Thanks.

Gartenteich on May 6, 2009

Love this photo ! Great shot! Will be going there in July too.

Michael Hatten on May 7, 2009


Thank you for the comment!

This is a beautiful place! Remember the road you want to take is call Howland Hill Road. It begins in Crescent City and ends in Hiouchi and the Jedediah Smith State Park. The Road is dirt and probably have alot of pot holes. There are many places to hike throughout the 12- 18 mile drive. a favorite place for many is Stout Grove. Try to get there around sunrise or sunset for best lighting and best photos..

Have a safe and fun trip..


Gartenteich on May 10, 2009

Thank's for the tip. Have you heard about the Prairie Creek Trail with tunnels in logs along the trail?


Michael Hatten on May 10, 2009


I've never seen them myself but I would'nt be surprised. There are about 4-5 (Maybe more) that you can drive your car through. For a fee.

But one thing I have heard about Praire Creek was its access to the Fern Canyon. I've seen some images and it looks very beautiful, but I have never been there.

Have a safe trip


Gartenteich on August 11, 2009

We are back from our trip to the Redwoods and is was amazing. We stayed in the Hiouchi RV Park ,went to the Stout Grove, Trees of Mystery and Prairie Creek Redwood State Park to the Fern Canyon. To drive over 1478 miles was worth the trip. Thanks for your tips. Waltraud

jpr28x on February 14, 2010


I am searching for any clues on how I might find the Grove of Titans.

Do you have any leads/information?

Thank you so much.

Michael Hatten on February 14, 2010

Thanks for the comment..

I Googled GROVE OF TITANS and found this article with a map..

easy squezzy..



jpr28x on February 14, 2010

That map does show where the Park is. But the Grove is hidden inside the 12 square miles somewhere.

The location is not disclosed to the public and Vaden (thats his website) only gives vague clues to its location.

I wish it were as simple as going into Jedediah and just looking around ... but alas it is not.

Many people go searching in Jedediah and never find it.

You could spend weeks out there and never see it. I appreciate the help though, I am considering contacting some professors in the Cali area.

Michael Hatten on February 14, 2010

Really?! Well I understand the reasoning behind wanting to keep the location quiet.

Up here in Oregon we have a grove of pine trees called the valley of the giants. These pine trees rival redwoods in girth. To get there it's a maze 50 miles long of roads and it's gated 50% of the time. I ended up going to the Bureau of Land Managment to get maps to the location. There is a second Valley of the Giants with trees that are even bigger. BLM said that it was on private property and they would not give me the location.

Anyway. I wish you luck.


MaxFarrar on April 30, 2010

Great picture Michael. I was amused by the VisitOregonSouthCoast people wanting to use your pic of a California tree. I hope they mentioned where these trees were growing.

Here's a pic of a Coast Redwood struggling in the lime soil of Southern England:

I'm going to put a reference to your photo in mine to help illustrate to people what Coast Redwoods should look like.

Michael Hatten on April 30, 2010

Hi Maxx,

Can you send me the website address of the people using the image?

They might be using PanOramio's API which allows websites through Google to use PanOramo's Library of images. But sometimes I do find people using my images without my permission.

Nice image you have and it's fine that your linking yous to mine. Michael..

MaxFarrar on May 4, 2010

It's in the first comment on your picture (from Feb last year). was easy to find. From the pictures they display they seem to think that the Oregon South Coast attractions extend down into the Redwoods and Crescent City. They seem to give credit for the pictures they've used, but I don't think they used the PanOramio API. I have learned recently that there are a few Coast Redwoods along the Winchuck River from 'jeffmeyers1' and also there's an Oregon Redwoods State Park. Why doesn't the Oregon South Coast site mention it? on October 1, 2010

"Oregon Redwoods State Park. Why doesn't the Oregon South Coast site mention it?"

It does. covers from Crescent City, CA to Reedsport, OR. It was decided to extend the site to cover down to Crescent City since visitors to the Oregon South Coast cannot get there from the south without going through Crescent City, CA via US 101 or US 199. Plus the community of Crescent City asked us to.

MaxFarrar on October 2, 2010

Well, I wish I'd known this a month or so ago when I was closer to Southern Oregon. I will have to get up to Peavine Ridge someday to see these trees. Are they trying to escape the Golden State? Or are they trying to Californicate Oregon?

BTW, I DID manage to get some pix of the southernmost Coast Redwoods on this trip. Their pictures are located in G-E on Calif 1 just north of Ragged Point in Big Sur. I tried to find the ones up the Salmon Creek Trail which are a bit further south, but my legs gave out.

Michael Hatten on October 2, 2010

Max Farrar,

It's kinda sad. My Father once told me that the Oregon coast had a lot more Redwood trees in the past. Man has sut a lot down for it's Red Cedar. There are only a few groves left here in Oregon. One of them is near Brookings...

Michael.. Check out my web gallery SACRED EARTH STUDIOS

MaxFarrar on January 12, 2011

Michael: Interestingly, I just found a picture of a redwood (with people to show the scale)by 'brideys' on the Chetco River upstream from Brookings. Thought you might be interested. Also, the Oct 2009 issue of National Geographic has an interesting article. (With a very long foldout vertical panoramia of a 300 ft redwood in Prairie Creek St Park.)

Michael Hatten on January 17, 2011


I really need to take another trip down to the readwoods!


RugerFan777 on September 5, 2011

The Grove of the Titans in to the left of the first bridge as you travel north from the howland hill road on the mill creek trial.

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