Takeshima beach

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Zodiac957 on July 24, 2009

Really funny.

sisonori999 on July 29, 2009

justicelogic, fake picture? Then, Korea & China is a mass of fabrication.

164110 on September 30, 2009


sisonori999 on October 2, 2009

thank you hahaha (・∀・)/~~

Freepeace on April 28, 2010

In 2009 to 2010, I posted a picture of you in the future here?

arcHorizon on November 15, 2010

독도는 대한민국의 땅이다!독도는 한국이발견하고 이름지은땅이다!! 세종실록(1417년)지리지(地理志)울진현조(蔚珍縣條)에 의하면 독도를 "우산도(于山島)"라고 기록해놨다. 1794년도에는 독도에 강치가 많이 서식했고 당시에 강치를 가제라고 하였고 한자로 가지(可支)로하여 가지도(可支島)라고 불린다. 1906년도, 울릉도 군수 심홍택의 보고서에 독도(獨島)라는 이름이 사용됨.sisonori999가 말하는 "고대부터"불린다는 "마쓰시다"는 겨우17세기부터이서다. Dokdo is an island first discovered by Korea and first named by Korea!! In the year 1417, the navigation book Ulljinhyunjo(울진현조(蔚珍縣條)) refers to Dokdo as "Usando(우산도(于山島))". In 1794, the island is refered to as "Gajido(가지도(可支島))" due to the amount of Gajae(zalophus, type of seal) living there. In 1906, the official name of "Dokdo (독도(獨島))" is first used in a report by the Ullengdo's county chief; ShimHongTaek. the Japanese name of "Matsushima" was only given in the so-called "ancient" times of the 17th century (1700s). WE, THE KOREANS HAVE KNOWN THE EXSISTANCE OF "DOKDO" FAR LONGER THAN JAPANESE HAVE, AND WE HAVE NEVER ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED OUR OWN LAND.

arcHorizon on November 15, 2010

justicelogic. is right, it is a fake fabricated picture. the lighting in the picture doesnt match between the person and the background. the edges of the person have been poorly trimmed, the outfit doesn't make any sense that they would wear that on the shore of Dokdo, those goggles are ski goggles, not even snorkelling or skuba goggles. and sisonori999, don't go round saying shit like "..Korea & China is a mass of fabrication" because that doesn't link with the picture in any way. i advise that you think before you speak or act.

김 철 봉 on September 27, 2011

Dokdo is territory of South Korea. 独岛是韩国领土. 독도는 한국 영토입니다. 獨島は韓国領土です.

HE TRUTH IS... In the original edition of The Revised Complete Map of Japanese Lands and Roads, which is a map privately made in 1779, Ulleungdo and Dokdo are uncolored as is the Korean Peninsula. Also, the two islands are located outside the grid of Japan’s longitudinal and latitudinal lines, indicating that the islands are outside of Japanese territory. Meanwhile, there are a number of old Japanese maps published by the Japanese government, including The Chosen Tokai Kaiganzu (“A Map of the Eastern Coast of Korea,” 1876), which was published by the Japanese Ministry of the Navy, that places the two islands within Korea’s territory. Since 1696, when the Tokugawa Shogunate officially banned Japanese fishermen from crossing the East Sea to Ulleungdo Island, Japanese people gradually became confused about the two islands, and not only did they refer to the islands in several different names such as Matsushima(松島), Riyanko Island (リヤンコ島), Ranko Island (ランコ島), and Takeshima (竹島), but also was the islands’ geographic location completely forgotten in the end. Fig. 1 The Chosen Tokai Kaiganzu (“A Map of the Eastern Coast of Korea”, 1876) by the Japanese Ministry of the Navy : The map indicates that the two islands are within Korean territory.

일본이 옛날부터 독도를 인식했다는 주장과 관련하여

일본은 옛날부터 독도의 존재를 인식하고 있었다.

경위도선을 표시한 일본 지도로 가장 대표적인 나가구보 세키스이(長久保赤水)의 「개정 일본여지노정도」(1779년) 등 일본의 각종 지도와 문헌이 이를 확인해 주고 있다.

일본 주장의 허구성

「개정 일본여지노정전도」는 사찬(私撰) 지도로 1779년 원본에는 울릉도와 독도가 조선 본토와 암께 채색되지 않은 상태로 경위도선 밖에 그려져 있어서 일본 영역 밖의 섬으로 인식하고 있다.

더욱이 일본 해군성의 「조선해안도」 (1876년)와 같은 관찬(官撰) 지도들은 오히려 독도를 한국의 영토에 포함시키고 있다.

1696년 도쿠가와(德川) 막부정권이 일본 어민들의 울릉도 도해를 금지한 이후 두 섬에 대한 인식이 흐려져 독도를 마쓰시마(松島), 리앙코도, 랑코도, 다케시마(竹島) 등으로 혼란스럽게 불렀을 뿐만 아니라 지리적 위치도 완전히 망각하였다.

twpst on July 5, 2012

bitch on 獨島

Zodiac957 on June 23, 2013

Stop demanding Dokdo as your territory, some monkeynized Japanese people. Your new representative Abe is trying to deny your historical faults during World War II, and this drives people in the world mad, especially Koreans.

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