Satellite view of Army Apprentices College, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK 1967-1996

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John Latter on May 26, 2009

A satellite image/aerial view of the Royal Corps of Signals training establishment, the Army Apprentices College, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, as it largely appeared from 1967 until its closure in 1996.

Click on the above photo for a larger image; click again (depending on browser) to increase the size further still.

The site - Uniacke Barracks - is now occupied by the Army Foundation College, Harrogate (AFC Harrogate).

I began my 3-year apprenticeship as a "Radio-Relay Technician" in September, 1967, intake "67C". At that time, some of the buildings - such as the churches, marked "21" in the above image - weren't quite finished.

Additionally, some buildings had a 'change of use' during the lifetime of the college: one example I am aware of is the block marked "7" which housed Bradley Squadron upon its formation in 1969.

When I first saw the above satellite image, I was surprised at how little I remember with certainty. As you can see, I'm annotated many of the buildings/clusters of buildings with numbers to which I'll be adding a key in a later 'Comment'.

Because of gaps in my memory, however, I would be grateful if anyone can help identify those numbers against which there isn't an entry. If you are registered with Panoramio then you can leave a message via the 'Add a Comment' box below; alternatively, my email address is, but please remember to replace "-AT-" with "@".

Standard Info

There are currently four other photos of Army Apprentices College Harrogate on this website:

1) 67C Recruit Squadron Group Photo

2) 67C Recruit Squadron Close-Up

3) Senior Term 1970 Group Photo

4) Senior Term 1970 Close-Up

The Army Apprentices College Harrogate was a Royal Corps of Signals (Royal Signals, R. Signals) Apprentice Training College which trained an "Apprentice Tradesman", or "A/T", for various technical roles in the British Army.

I was trained to be a 'Radio-Relay Technician' (RR Tech), other trades included Radio Technician (Radio Tech), Technical Equipment Technician (TE Tech), and Telegraph Operator (TG Op). Technicians, who were basically lazy, served an apprenticeship of three years while the more alert Telegraph Operators got the job done in two.

The Army Apprentices College Harrogate, ex-Army Apprentices School Harrogate (AAS), was situated in the new buildings of Uniacke Barracks on Penny Pot Lane when I joined; earlier intakes had been housed in the wooden 'spiders' of Hildebrand Barracks (on the other side of Penny Pot Lane).

There were five squadrons: Phillips Squadron (whose members wore red flashes in their epaulettes), Penney Squadron (blue flashes), Rawson Squadron (yellow flashes) and Scott Squadron (green flashes). Recruit Squadron was split into four Troops, each named after one of the other squadrons (ie Phillips Troop, etc.,), and all 'rookies' wore white flashes. A sixth squadron, Bradley Squadron (black flashes), was formed towards the end of the 1960s.

Interesting Links:

The Royal Signals Museum:

The Royal Corps of Signals Museum is located in Blandford Camp in the beautiful Dorset countryside and only a stone's throw from the scenic and interesting Georgian Town of Blandford Forum.

It is the national museum of Army communications and the exhibits and displays show the part that communications have played in the many wars and campaigns of the last 150 years. The Museum collection is regarded as being of National importance and the excellent Archives are recognised by the Public Record Office.

The Association of Harrogate Apprentices

'ex Beachley Boys' of the former Army Apprentices College, Chepstow

Arborfield Old Boys' Association of the former Army Apprentices College, Arborfield

Hadrians Old Boys' Association of the former Army Apprentices College, Carlisle

Denbury Camp Newton Abbot South Devon, Junior Leaders

Uniacke Barracks was named after Lieutenant General Sir Herbert Uniacke KCB KCMG

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John Latter on May 27, 2009

Scroll down to find the latest Key:

John Latter on May 27, 2009

Key to the satellite image of Army Apprentices College, Harrogate, 1967 - 1996:

1: Unknown

2: In 1967 this building housed a library and either accomodation or a mess for Permanent Staff ("PS") Sergeants.

3: Cookhouse

4: Unknown

5: Look like tennis courts to me, although I can't remember them being there.

6: Unknown

7: Penney Squadron (er, I think).

8: Rawson Squadron (er, I think).

9: Recruit Squadron.

10: Scott Squadron.

11: Phillips Squadron.


13: Was there a barber's shop along here?

14: The 'new library' and WRVS.

15: NAAFI Canteen and Senior Term Bar.

16: Unknown

17: Mostly Unknown, but I think the building to the bottom right of the number "17" was the Camp Headquarters.

18: Main Gate, though I can't remember a gate being there.

19: Unknown (Officers Mess or Sergeants Mess?).

20: Unknown

21: The three churches. The large one to the right of the number "21" was the Church of England Church. The other two were the Roman Catholic Church and the Other Denominations Church. Naturally, I can't remember which was which.

22: Trade training and Education blocks (don't know which was which) - were they designated A, B, C and D blocks?

23: Unknown

24: I think the building above the number "24" was the gym; the number "24" is on top of the swimming pool; and to the right of the number "24" is an indoor arena, used for drill and sports in 'inclement weather' - also, this is where the 1970 Senior Term photograph was taken.

25: Assault Course.

The athletics track, just right of bottom centre, doesn't need a number!

Please help if you can expand on any of the above or help fill in any of the blanks - or point out any errors, of course!

John Latter / Jorolat

hirtabill on June 9, 2009

I am very interested in any photographs of the 3 churches that were on the Harrogate Apprentices college site between 1968 till they were demolished.

John Latter on June 9, 2009

hirtabill said:

I am very interested in any photographs of the 3 churches that were on the Harrogate Apprentices college site between 1968 till they were demolished.

I'll certainly remember that and let you know if I come across any, Hirtabill :)

John Latter on June 9, 2009

I've recently started a Facebook group at 67C-70C, AAC Harrogate, Royal Corps of Signals, where members of all inclusive intakes can get in contact with one another again.

The 'blurb' says:

"A meeting place for anyone who joined the Royal Corps of Signals' Army Apprentices College, Penny Pot Lane, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire, between the years of 1967 and 1970 (especially: 67C, 68A, 68B, 68C, 69A, 69B, 69C, 70A, 70B).

Recruits who went on to join the 4 Squadrons: Phillips Squadron, Penney Squadron, Rawson Squadron, Scott Squadron, and eventually Bradley Squadron, too, are welcome to enlist again in this group.

If you don't recognize any current members (different Squadron, whatever), then leave a message anyway: somewhere along the line, someone is bound to know your name and want to get in touch."

While I'm here, this is my Facebook page.

John Latter / Jorolat

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John Latter on June 10, 2009

I've re-titled the Facebook group to, "1967-1970 (esp. 67C-70B), AAC Harrogate, Royal Corps of Signals".

The 'blurb' now begins:

"A meeting place for anyone who joined the Royal Corps of Signals' Army Apprentices College, Penny Pot Lane, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire, at any time between the years of 1967 and 1970.

Intakes: 67A, 67B, 67C, 68A, 68B, 68C, 69A, 69B, 69C, 70A, 70B, 70C.

The group is also open to all those intakes prior to 67A whose members were still at the College at the beginning of 1967. [Etc.]"

John Latter / Jorolat

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trusty754 on October 31, 2010

Hi John, I was in 76bj (half term intake) started life as a tech but didn't make the grade, and finished as a TG Op. To add some details to the photo, from what I can remember;

1 - The Jimmy Club or WRVS not sure 4 - I think was a much later attachment when they allowed females in, this was their accom 7 - Bradley Squadron 8 - Penney 9 - Phillips 10 - Scott 11 - Rawson 13 - Yep there was a butcher (sorry barber) shop here 16 - Mil training wing 17 - The building with the black roof below and right of the 7 is Camp HQ the building above that was the guardhouse and jail. 18 - Main gate, which was just a box and two barriers 19 - I think this was the officers mess 20 - I think this was a sports pavillion 22 - They were A on the left going to D by the sports pavillion

John Latter on November 1, 2010

Thanks for the info, trusty754!

John Latter

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John Latter on April 3, 2012

I've just had an email from Robert Waldron about the accomodation block allocation when he joined Scott Troop in January 1974 (74A):

7 - Penney Sqn. Blue tags

8 - Philips Sqn. Red tags

9 - Bradley Sqn. Black tags

10 - Scott Sqn. Green tags

11 - Rawson Sqn. Yellow tags

Thanks, Robert!

Créditos para fotogr… on November 5, 2014

curiosa imagen

stevenrichardcoxe on November 12, 2014

Hi John, I have just come across this site. I was intake 69C. I am not sure if you have answers to all your questions regarding unknown buildings but as I remember 1. WRVS which had a small canteen, I think it was split with the Jimmy Club 6. Medical Centre 20. I think change rooms

I served in 30 Signal Sqn and spent time in Oman, Operation Sprint in the Solomon Islands, Cyprus and Northern Ireland. Then went to 6 Armd Brigade Soest Germany. I left the Army in November 1975 then emigrated to Perth, Australia in 1981. I ork in the Oil & Gas industry and am currently working in Kazakhstan.


Steven Coxe

John Latter on November 12, 2014

Thanks for the info, Steven, especially regarding the building marked "1" - it probably hadn't been completed by the time I left in 1970.

Also interesting to read about your career then & now (Kazakhstan? wow!)

In case you're not aware of it, there's a facebook page where you might meet others of your intake at:

1967-1970 (esp. 67C-70B), AAC Harrogate, Royal Corps of Signals

John Latter

pj69 on September 11, 2015

Some of the unknowns, I was in 85C: 1 WRVS & Post Office to the left; 4 was for single military permanent staff, slop jockeys and troop nco's, PTI's etc 6 Med Centre 12 was the back of the QM stores adventure training stores, so some type of loading ramp & extension to the stores. 16 Band room. A drill sgt would stand on the roof with one of his signalling flags for the halt signal at grad parade. The boiler house with the chimney of course. 17 HQ, Lloyds Bank, Armoury and the big white one was the cinema & guard room. 22 Pavillion and changing rooms 23 was bike racks

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