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A. Zoltán Sárdi (pho… on January 11, 2010

Spriateliť sa s faktom, že maďarská F E L V I D É K! (Už pred 1100 rokov!) To je v Európe - nie je platný v slovenskom jazyku zákon je hanebný čin! Radšej by som písať s slovenská - nie je Česká! - zoznam kráľov!

Najmenšie deti sú staršie ako East-Česká Republika!

A. Zoltán Sárdi (pho… on January 15, 2010

Still nervous? Why??? The tags you don't see? (Felvidék, Slovakia) What is, the problem???

This is NOT SLOTAKIA - it's normal, 1100 years old country: HUNGARY Hungarian: F E L V I D É K (Year's 1100 has)

Questions: How old East-Czech Independent Republic? List of kings of the Slovak ready? :-)))

A. Zoltán Sárdi (pho… on January 17, 2010

I'm hungarian, you're slovak... Hungarian ancestor in your family is sure - maybe I can slovak ancestor…(?) Why are you bothering me to write in hungarian? You see, in hungarian: Felvidék - as well as such Erdély (Transylvania), Délvidék (Southland), Kárpát-alja (Transcarpathia)!

The name will not change, because we had more than one country and took a large part of the country! If back to Hungary Kassa, and you continue to say that Kosice! What's the problem? I did not when he sees you, Léva why do you say instead of 'Levice'!?

The cities, the names of regions I writing in Hungarian, not only that you mentioned! Here are the facts: ÁRVA NEDEC BOLDOGASSZONY MURASZOMBAT ZÁGRÁB ERDÉLY (Southland photos soon... I was not in Transcarpathia)

Because of a one language and a one habit country - poor and fallible. (Szent István)

Check this out: Slovenský Komlóš !!!

Miso Valach on January 17, 2010

Szia Zoli, nagyon szép képek Szlovákiai.. I hope this was correct. Some people hear wrote you about something what represents respect. If you want to call this country Felvidék, well call it this way, but as a proof of goodwill you should ad also slovak names to the towns and places you visited including official name of the country. As a result of our long common history we also calls you towns and cities by slovak names (like Ostrihom, Patkostolie, Stoličný Belehrad etc.), but hardly I can imagine that any Slovak would put this name on his photos, as would become very hard to find these photos for Magyars. So it is hard to find for us. We know that Košice is Kassa, Bratislava Pozsony, Zvolen Zolyóm, maybe Levoča Losce but that is all I think and you I believe that you cannot require from us to know magyar names of these places and towns. So as a proof of mentioned respect and good will I would like to ask you to add also slovak names to these towns. If our politicians cannot prove respect and friendly approach to eachother we shouldn´t follow their examples. Because in whole Europe there aren´t any other two countries which such similar culture and traditions like we have. I hope that my request was not insulting to you and I you will understand what was my point.

Szeretném ha egy szép nap! Michal

Miso Valach on January 17, 2010

And as for calling Slovakia east Ćeská republika and humiliating it with it´s not long existence, well I would judge this approach as a very childish for inteligent man like you. You know that we have long common history in the Kingdom which had very far from belonging only to Magyars. Because it didn´t belong to any nation and belong to every nation. And every nation contributed to it´s glory. And Slovaks along with Germans and Croats in a significant way..

A. Zoltán Sárdi (pho… on January 17, 2010

Ahoj Miso! ;-) Thank you for those times I go to the fantastically beautiful places, good quality photos is easy! :-) 90% agree with sober words! Everyone tells their own language of the geographical names... Therefore, I do not like, if you teach in, who did not make a single photo on the Panoramio and are just here to quarrel. The East and the Czech Republic said it - you're right - was a mistake! :-(

I suspect that looking for the opportunity to argue that the hungarian language!

I think this is an unnecessary(!) lower sense comes from a childhood of young independent statehood, which will surely pass.

The Slovaks are not yet able to be generous. :-(

For example, in Finland by the swedes for a long time and once possessed - and where he now lives a few percent of the swedish minority - the finns also required(!) of the swedish language learning! Where we have this?

This linguistic pettiness, a 'turbo-slovak'... (Of course, the 'turbó hungarian' is bad!)

For how is it that all the historical sites 'Felvidék' german, english, french, spanish, polish, czech, russian - and perhaps even china's - etc.. language before we can find info table, as a hungarian?


In almost half of hungarian tourists - there is no longer living 5-600.000 hungarian to mention! Unfortunately, it is still not expected so much generosity in the northern neighbor... This remains the petty heckling saying the former historical grievances - and this is a childish... And in today's EU in the incomprehensible and boring! Vitajte, 'SAZ BP' **;-)

Miso Valach on January 17, 2010

Köszönöm a választ magyar barát! I am forced to not agree with your statement about Slovaks, we are very generous and civilizated nation just like you. I have plenty of magyar friends from Hungary and they never had any problems in Slovakia. On the contrary when Slovaks recognized their magyar nationality they became even more kind and open. 90 % of Slovaks do not have anything against their southern neighbour. I think it is all based on personal approach of any person and avoiding generalization. I had also problems with some Magyars in Hungary, but I didn´t continue to judge whole nation as idiotic only because of few bad experience. As for nowadays politics, dear Zoli, we are also deeply disgusted by those idiots we have in government. But mistakes were done on both sides of Danube, which is an unbelievable shame for two nations sharing 1000 years of common history. As for Finnish, I know this issue, but finnish language is such isolated and unsignificant that they rather choosed language in which they are able to speak with any scandinavian state. And as for calling Slovakia only Felvidék, you know great majority of photographers use either english, spanish or french language ;-)

Miso Valach on January 17, 2010

Yeah and as for the kings, after 1301 when last Arpad died there was not any king (except maybe Matyas) who would have magyar origin ;-) And maybe slota said something very disgusting about our great king Stephen I. but you should see reactions of Slovaks who were very angry, how slota could dare to say this. Dear Zoli, in Slovakia there are more churches consecrated to St. Stephen than in Hungary (aproximately 25). And the same appreciation goes in Slovakia for many other kings, like Louis the Great, Matej Korvin, Charles Robert, Sigismund etc. So if you will hear name slota in your television or radio, just switch it off. He doesn´t represent and will never represent our nation! He serves as a clawn here and we are deeply ashamed to have such asshole here! Sorry for expresive word.

But this is all history and as you had said, it is boring as french or english have to laugh like mad seeing our small hypocratic wars :)

A. Zoltán Sárdi (pho… on January 17, 2010

This is good, dear Miso!

I'll be all right if it will be much generosity slovak, hungarian appears to be a common historical memorial sites! I think if we hungarians have done this 1867th after the romanians, slovaks, serbs, croats, etc... :-(

Today is a sea of strong, rich, would be large common country. But it is the strong position - the Germany friendship because of - there was no interest mainly to France.

Therefore: divide and conquer! This is small, poor countries, in the middle of Europe - today... Great pity!

Hi.: 'SAZ BP'

Miso Valach on January 17, 2010

Unfortunately this is all your fault. We didn´t want to live with Czechs as we have almost nothing common with them, but after all you have done to us after 900 years of peacefull and equal coexistence we didn´t have any chance than to separate and start destruction of Kingdom. When your brother one day got mad and behave like idiot what would you do? What happened was not done by french but you in 1848 and later by us and other nations. If french didn´t force we would commit destruction by ourselves and with other nations´s cooperation. Try to think why all nations wanted to separate from you ;) Felvidék a name created during magyrization doesn´t exist anymore so does not exist Dolná Zem (thus we called Hungary). It exists only Slovakia or Szlovákia and Maďarsko=Hungary. Crying for old Kingdom is pointless..Udv Miso BA..

A. Zoltán Sárdi (pho… on January 17, 2010

The present and the future borders of the 'removal' - the European Union! This is the solution! Only some politicians do not spoil it!

Ahoj Miso! 'SAZ BP'

Miso Valach on January 17, 2010

Yep, EU might be the choice. Btw: You asked every Slovak what is the problem. Here it is: Felvidék never represented a country just a mountainous part of nowadays Slovakia (before called Felfold or even sooner Hungaria Superior). As Slovakia is one of succesors of previous Kingdom, slovak territory includes not only mountainous but also vast flat parts and so it is highly unappropriate to use term Felvidék as a territory representing a country. Moreover when many Slovak knows that this term was first used as a part of official political plan (first by Bela Grunwald in book called Felvidék) to magyarize slovak ethnicum and create Felvidék as a territory (where before lived Slovaks). When you use Erdély it is ok, because Transylvania is a historical county with created borders, but Felvidék represents nothing in political term and it´s borders cannot be created. What is sad is that in this way this term is nowadays abused by some of your politicians. And so they only proves their lack of education about country which once was common to us all-Kingdom of Hungary..Jo Ejt.

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