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stephan Seo on June 24, 2009

I don not intent to insult Iranian People,Histoty,Culture,Religion,Regime.....Please remember her Death!!! We South Koreans,remember Her holy martyrs... We are panoramios to respect every human right,freedom of expression. We remember you until freedom of Iran. We koreans,had a lot of pain from oppression through dictator.You must belive you win someday.Look at her eyes! .....

Joan Crits on June 24, 2009


We are all Neda

…for our rights …for our freedom

Mahdi Kalhor on June 25, 2009

من زیاد انگلیسی خوب نمیدانم ودقیقا نمیدانم منظور شما از این عکس چه بوده است.

اگر منظور احساس همدردی میباشد که جای تشکر دارد.

اگر این کار نوعی دخالت در کار کشور دیگری باشد که عمل زشتی است.

Warm regards ,


fotoonthemask on June 25, 2009

이란의 모든 사람들이 평화와 바람직한 인권속에서 그들 스스로의 삶을 영위하기를 기원합니다. 그녀의 순교는 이란을 변화시킬것입니다.FTM

Majid Salehyar on June 28, 2009

Thanks for your condolence...

Thanks for your support...

vp_hmbg-PRO PANORAMI… on June 30, 2009

Thank you Stephan for your commitment. We must show solidarity for all who are demonstrating for their human rights, no matter which country or goverment is suppressing its people.

The other day I joined a group of Iranian people demonstrating in front of the Iranian consulate in Hamburg, against the violence in the streets of Teheran.

Best wishes from liberal Hamburg to free Seoul


stephan Seo on June 30, 2009

Dear Lovely Friends,

Thank you all so much for your thoughtful comments.Like a Volker who said We must show solidarity for all who are demonstrating for their human rights, no matter which country or goverment is suppressing its people. Yes! We are consist of solidarity like a Crits,Pom'...

Best Wishes from World to Iran

Pom' Angers on June 30, 2009

Neda was young and beautiful, and she just wanted to live a free life.

the islamic tyranny of Iran killed her, just like it wants to kill freedom.

let's stand up for Freedom everywhere on Earth.

Holger Bauer on July 1, 2009

a sad, sad incident!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pom' Angers on July 1, 2009

not an incident, pivatana. a deliberate murder, and this islamic tyranny is a crime against Human kind.

Joan Crits on July 1, 2009

All fingers point to the same place.

poka-tut on July 5, 2009

Stephan BRAVO! The death of this girl wasn't an accident. The Islamic tyranny kill her. We should remember her and all people who have lost lives on the war for the human rights and freedom.

©Würmer on July 28, 2009

...I believe I need another T-shirt, similar to this one!.

thanks, bro Stephan!

xocotl on August 2, 2009

Ciao ed un saluto a Neda e che il suo assassinio venga ricordato sempre negli anni a venire per condannare all'ignominia il barbaro o i barbari responsabili di queste cose...............

stephan Seo on December 28, 2009

After death of Neda, A number of opposition figures have been arrested in Iran, a day after violent protests in the capital left at least eight people dead.Iranian regime is being killed and wounded daily in the name of bringing holy Islamic paradise to the Iran. The peoples of Iran today are confronted by a new and dangerous post-Islamic elitism.They will be miserable end....Iranian regime which have been met with stiff resistance.Finally,Iranian will stand with the will of freedom to support democratic movements in the Iran and beyond, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in the Iran.Don't forget Neda!!

©Würmer on December 28, 2009

right, stephan, but I felt sad learning in the news about those murderous, religious goon-squads. it felt rather like watching TV 20 years ago... ;((

...recent news about your country (and those wingnuts to the north) caused me similar concerns to the ones I held about what might happen in mine 20 years ago... I hope it ends there as peaceful as it did here (but fear far worse ):

stephan Seo on December 28, 2009

You are right! Ian,It is true that North Korea has many faults, but we love North Koreans without their regime none the less.It has been so many pains to two Koreas through division.We want to solve our grief through peace.But,I really don't what to say that....This is the today Korea..... Do you belive that it is through forgiveness that pain turns into peace or forgiveness is just sign of resignation?

Unfortunately,Given the extreme nature of the North Korean dictatorship, which requires extreme measures of social control, I don’t think there is much room to modify human rights policies. Kimjungil's regime can look at what happened in Eastern Europe when those regimes loosened their grip.;((

Indeed,Kimjungil who called the dictator still means an acute pain to North Koreans.I don´t know what to say to that North Koreans has been suffered from a famine and groan under tyranny by Kim's regime.In that case, what shall we do? Anyway,we South Koreans must choose the crossroad between peace and war on united Korea.This is a endless controversy in South Korean community. Nevertheless, we Koreans have to go to the united Korea as it mentioned that the way to move towards each other in small steps!!

©Würmer on December 29, 2009

Do you belive that it is through forgiveness that pain turns into peace or forgiveness is just sign of resignatiotion

I don't think of it as one or the other but can see where both could be so for some and in some situations....

to forgive before someone wants to be forgiven first doesn't seem very smart or sufficiently effective an approach to resolve the type of problem we are talking about.

I fear that unless China decides to put significant pressure on the North, neither internal nor external pressures are likely to lead to a peaceful transition in the foreseeable future. But I know that I don't know very much about Korea...

how is your winter so far? did it get cold? any snow yet? or expected, my distant friend?

youare@stephan on December 29, 2009

Now,it is very cold(-10C)Seoul South Korea.After two days of snow today and tomorrow, the country will enjoy cold weather through Sunday, with temperatures ranging from -3 to -10degrees Celsius.The snowstorm also left 5 to 10 centimeters of snow piled up in the Seoul Metropolitan area last Christmas Eve :)).I think your friends have realized how happy they are not staying in European area and they are really enjoying their freedom through White Christmas.

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