THAT DAM 黒塔 a mysterious stupa - Vientiane Laos

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Amelia Royan on July 14, 2009

Then you must ask Buddha to remind his followers that a bit of gardening is required, but I somehow think that you would prefer to see the 7 headed dragon ..... but is he really in there? It will be interesting to find out ;-)


Frank Knaap on July 14, 2009

The new Buddha has been meditating under a tree under a tree for 6 month without any food, he is 15 years old, you think I should ask him???

Yes, I'll be delighted to see the 7 headed dragon, I'm sure he will be there. A stupa is like an egg........


Amelia Royan on July 15, 2009

He sounds a bit too young, inexperienced and hungry to be able to do much here Frank. Maybe the Old Ladies should do some voluntary gardening :))

Frank Knaap on July 15, 2009

Right Amelia, thereby het lives in Nepal and follows Cricket lessons, remember?

The Old Ladies exorcize only gosts, no plant or trees.......So let's wait for the Dragon and have some fun. :)


Amelia Royan on July 15, 2009

I believe that Ram Bomjon is continuing even now after 3 years, but I wonder how he manages to stay in touch with cricket - and has he read the rules? They are so confusing - even for the English. In fact they are so difficult to understand, that the English team read them every day instead of practicing in the nets, and are struggling against Australia ..... the Aussies are far too wise to read rules.

Now the cultural differences between the Old Ladies in Laos and those in England:

Both exorcise ghosts

English Old Ladies love gardening

Both nationalities probably carry parasols

Only Welsh old ladies love dragons, all other Old Ladies have a great fear of them

English Old Ladies love making cakes and jam, and belong to a group called the Women's Institute which also has very strange and strict rules, not about cricket .... about cake making :))


Frank Knaap on July 15, 2009

To start with Cricket, you'll never beieve me, but in june even The Dutch crashed the English team, I didn't even know we play Cricket in Holland. So I can not explain that victory, or it must be that there are no rules after all........

About the cultural difference between Old Ladies, I know the Dutch ones like to Scrabble and the English clothed in tartan and their trollies like tea. In their garden with their parasol looking at the handsome gardener and they can be very naughty/wicked! :)

Here not so. Just try to survive is the main reason for existence, so gardening is for food and the flowers only the ones one can eat for the salade. That we have a garden here, is madness in their eyes.......

The Welsh Old Ladies love dragons??? WOW! Can you send one, for my next trip to Laos?

So there are rules for cake making as well? Well are less rules. Ok, ther are rules but....:)


Amelia Royan on July 15, 2009

The Welsh love dragons, and leeks as well. But I'm not sure that a Welsh Old Lady would go down well in Laos, unless of course the dragon liberally sprinkled her first with a good measure of salt and pepper :)

The W.I. is a fearsome body of women - woe betide you if you put caster sugar instead of icing sugar on a Victoria sandwich. You can see how serious the rules are if you look at the comments!! Can you imagine the calamity and the consequences of this misdeameanour?


Frank Knaap on July 15, 2009

Now this is what I would call USEFUL information Amelia. That brother of Lludd, king of Britain Llefelys, was a very wise man! "Dig a pit in the centre of Vientiane, fill it with mead, and cover it with cloth. And the dragon drink the mead and will fall asleep". A piece of CAKE.

555+LOL.......OH, what a sweet Old Welsh Lady, my dear!!! LOOK HERE, for a typical Thai Old LADY.

A perfect Victoria sponge, how sweet of you and thoughtful. I see, the rules are equal to those of Cricket, no comment on Holland-England, my dear??? The historians won't speak about it, therefor SEE THIS


Amelia Royan on July 16, 2009

I meant to tell you Frank that the new Buddha must pass one more test if he is to achieve his ultimate goal :))


Frank Knaap on July 16, 2009


Nakhon224 Panoramio on March 27, 2010

สวยงามมากๆ และคล้ายๆที่ นครศรีธรรมราช ประเทศไทยมากๆ

Frank Knaap on March 28, 2010

พระ ภิกษุ ไม่ ดูแล.....:-(


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